Calf Palooza


Four calves today.  Geez!  I think there are two above in the photo.  Little blobby bits napping in the sun.  With each calf, we need to tag within the first day.  We ( we being Brent ) also must castrate if necessary.  Otherwise, they are too frisky.  I think they have rodeo events about catching calves.  If you get them in the first day, they are too confused to work out what’s going on.  This is a dangerous part of the job.   One calf at a time is great.  Four in one day, I wish for all girls.  Two boys and two girls were born today.  Moms were great and Brent tagged all four without fuss.   He has his technique down and everything.

As this is an “L” year and we are required to name each calf, might you have any good names?  Already named:

  • Loveboat
  • Legion of Boom
  • Lido Shuffle
  • Lawnmower
  • Leprechaun

Also in the progress bucket, that giant wood pile of way back when is being cut into warmy burny logs.


Lumi is right there supervising.  A big pile of warm.  Though, as I write, my front door is wide open and the sun is shining.  I think I might pour myself a Kir.


10 thoughts on “Calf Palooza

  1. Veronica Roth says:

    I know what you mean by the “we”. When it comes to rebuilding my vintage cars the “we” is usually mostly Robert. I mostly know which spanner to hand him though…lol. The weather here in Vancouver has been unseasonably mild and I had the doors and windows open yesterday too. So very nice to air out the winter cobwebs, isn’t it? L year, clever scheme, Chloe says, “Luna, Lenore, Leopold, Lucifer, (although that might just be asking for it)”. We’re bilingual here in Canada and so C says, “Bunny and end up calling him Lapin.” 😀

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Lapin the cow is great! Lucifer … yeah, you’re right. We avoid “news headlines.” We like to name the boys and girls with nice names. “Sir Humps A Lot” or ” “Cuddles” anything calm, fertile and no fuss.

      Vintage cars! We have “bubble car” people over here. Three wheeled nuts. Amazing vehicles.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      I love Lynnwood! Forgot about that place. Notable natives according to Wikipedia:

      Prisoner, Kenneth Bee
      Actress, Carol Channing
      Serial Arsonist, Paul Kenneth Keller ( Doogie Howser played him in a Lifetime movie )
      MMA Fighter, Randy Couture
      American Idol Finalist, Sanjaya “man cub” Malakar

      among others…


    • Jean Curtis says:

      Totally agree :). Kir Royale with cheese ;). You know, they skipped the letter ‘k’ here in France. Not enough cow names in French that begin with the letter ‘k’. I would have loved a cow named Kir.

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