Thankfully, There Was Tea


What a shitty day. No need to go into details. We’ll save that for the book we write ten years later.   “Too Many Heifers, Not Enough Hoes: Farming In France.”  … or whatever the title. ( that was a rap joke ).

Let’s focus on the positive. The Hilux was successfully pulled out of the mud. The truck you buy when you look for a sturdy, hard-arse, “what would the Taliban use?” vehicle to keep you going in tough terrain got stuck and pulled out of the mud, no issue. It is wet, wet, wet here at the moment. This was the easy part of the day.  Though, I learned of lot about 4×4 gear things and mud and low range.  On the job training, difficult, but your lessons are remembered forever. No time for multiple choice questions and grades.  Let’s get this truck out of the mud, shall we?

The herd munches down Nebraska ( the old corn field ).  Rain and rain and more rain.  They eat the hay and grass.  When Brent moves them the second time, the previous hay line has disappeared.  Great for the pasture.  There is a lot of grass in this paddock to keep the herd busy.

Lucy had the best tea party ever. Cucumbers were sliced. Jam was spread.  Cream cheese was found.  Great in so many ways.  She made lunch for everyone while I cleaned up the water that spilled in the kitchen and hallway from one little mouse with a bit of a drinking problem.  The water is sweeter in the drainhose of a dishwasher, words to live by … were you a little mouse ( see also, “fucking mouse chewed my dishwasher drainhose!”).  I never plan to write a book for children.  Anyway, here in France, they sell bread with the crusts cut off.  One Euro!


Still a few things left to do this evening.  But this family, we shall eat.  I made Goulash.  First time ever.  I was inspired by a customer.  Read also: “Where’s my Goulash?! ” husband whispers gently.  “What is Goulash?” I thought.  and “How do you spell it?”  Off I went with a recipe.  First time and the family seemed to enjoy it.  I’ll give ‘er another go.


More positive.  Our beef sale this Friday is totally sold out with peeps on the wait list.   We love feeding people tasty, yummy, quality food.


When you have a shitty day, like today, it’s good to step back and appreciate all the great things that you’ve worked on.  Kids, Friends, Customers, Food, Farm, Animals.  The Goldens, well, they tend to tend to themselves.


6 thoughts on “Thankfully, There Was Tea

  1. Jacqui Mckinnon says:

    Well Jean. I WAS having a shitty morning, but after your comment about the Taliban, the Fucking Mouse and your best selling book, I now have a smile on my dial.Tears of fury turned to joy.Noice.

  2. EllaDee says:

    My sanity tools as well! Tea/coffee, therapeutic swear words, wine or some form of alcohol… and humour. Some days they are needed in that order, others all at the same time 🙂

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