Minty Photos


Our middle child likes to borrow the camera.  I’ve lost one camera, expensive, by child and it was more my fault than theirs.  Parents, don’t place your camera ON something attractive to a child ( e.g. camera placed on child’s drawing ).  When children borrow the camera, there are some rules.  The big rule being, keep the strap around your neck.  Minty has followed the rules and had the opportunity to take some great photos.  Her last batch was lovely.

Today the sun was shining and the animals were playful.  Otto set up a “lemonaide stand.”  His prices were reduced because France is on sale right now.  Sales end next week, I think.  We live away from the village and away from the road, but he still brought in a profit.  He has loyal customers.


Minty grabbed a shot of Z.  It goes like this: the head, the body, the mismatched socks:DSC_9939



MInty chose these photos.  She takes many photos and picks her favs.  I’m not sure what she saw in the photo below, but for me it is a reminder of things the kids construct with things around the farm.  They do this a lot and their piece remains for months … sometimes.DSC_9935

No Gnews


Is good Gnews. What a shitty week. I wake up and wait for the boring and ordinary. No Gnews, thank you.

So we shall watch what is happening now.  Otto ordered flint and steel to make fire.  Amazing nine … wait TEN – year-old fun.  Minecraft inspired, no doubt.


Always exciting to see the ice pour out of the hose knowing that the water shall flow.  Oh yes, it goes, the water.


Casualty of play caught just after the snow melted.  She was a sweet toy, but too much for the Goldens to control themselves.  Decapitated.


It’s vacation now and the girls dusted off the tap shoes.  I walked the dog.  Knocked my toe and got back to chugging a rhythm.  Great fun.  Z is a natural tap dancer.  Might stick her on a corner in Auch with a hat.  She’s that good.IMG_1624

The books came out as well.  Poor bored children.  Having to read books to pass the day away.


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The Internet Is Not So Awesome


When it’s gone. We’ve managed to use the cell phone to get by.

But to use a cell phone in this old house you must step outside. In thé cold. So i use my Woods selectively with out correction of french auto correct.

Curée tôt trying to set-up a local “hot spot ” and a warm spot ( for me ). The cell phone works well In thé -2 C outside. Great hot spot. Terrible warm spot.

Cows are great. Beef is good. If you need us, use cell phone or email. If we are short with you, it’s because words become more precious when you are freezing your star off writing them.

Don’t Eat The Golden Snowdog



Snow day today!  We’ve not seen snow here since 2013.  A great day for the kids.  When the snow falls, you know your day will be different.  All your plans of driving and doing things are arrested and you spend the day understanding just how cold snow can be.




I kept the fire piping hot.  I’ve been here before.  Snow is great until your mittens get wet.  Then they come in crying.

Lucy made a giant snowman.  Brent pointed out that he has never made a snowman.  I share that same attribute.  But I have made my fair share of sand castles.


Zelie doesn’t remember the snow.  She slept in and was so incredibly excited to get out there.  Her world turned into a “fluffy cupcake.” Her words, not mine.


Brent finished off his morning coffee dodging puppies, gazing at Lucy’s giant snowman wearing his best snow Crocs.


But the snow must go on.  The herd had their second bale of hay when things started melting.  They are rustic cows.  This snow ain’t nuthin’ compared to where they came from.



They are loving the hay, but still manage to find grass underneath the snowy bits.



This is what cow poop looks like in snow.  I knew you were curious…


Hello Cows



The cows came home today.  They are marching their way on another loop of the farm.  There is some grass, but we are giving them hay now.  Today was sunny.  They were dozing in the warm with full bellies.  Happy cows.