No Day Off, but Plenty Of Time To Procrastinate


Anyone with kids or animals ( or husband ) knows that there is no day off.  No day to lay in bed watching movies all-day or eating crumpets or thinking about nothing.  No one day to say, ” ah fuck-it ”  you’re right, Bruno Mars, today I don’t feel like doing anything.


In your back pocket you have a long list of things to do.  And today, you can not do them.  Sure, you have to feed the animals.  And the human animals, crazy things.  And perhaps, if you have time, feed yourself.  But other than securing your own oxygen mask, before securing the masks of others, you are free to procrastinate.

Hey look!  A funny truck!


All those things listed in your back pocket can take a day off today.  We won’t be bothering you.  We are launching our next beef sale, feeding the kiddies and getting ready for a busy tomorrow.

Deep breath.  This is the type of day-off we get.  We take them as they come.  Okay, time to make cheesy sauce …


5 thoughts on “No Day Off, but Plenty Of Time To Procrastinate

    • Jean Curtis says:

      belly warming that cheese sauce. They carry cheese sauce in little, red trucks in France at 5pm while parents wait for the bus to arrive. True story 😉

    • Jean Curtis says:

      hee. yeah, that’s our “coffee protocol.” I get the first cup of coffee ( also known as “securing my oxygen mask” ) and then the day can begin.

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