Of All The Gin Joints


In all the villages, in all the world … Seattle walks into mine.

We live in Kentucky France … an on-sale three-piece with “Seattle” in glitter was never expected.  I bought it because I would regret not buying it.  Brent says, “3” is Russell Wilson’s number.  Crazy what you find on a gloomy Tuesday morn.

13 thoughts on “Of All The Gin Joints

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Yes! We lived in Seattle for ten or so years. This glitter fest will be worn by our youngest dragon, Zelie. She loves pink and she loves glitter. win win. Though, She’s never been to Seattle 🙂

  1. Kipper says:

    It was a nice sunny yet chilly day here in Seattle! That three piece outfit is really something. Young girls cannot resist pink and glitter! I heard a lady order a decaf/caf split shot with soy the other day and wanted to laugh…decaf and soy..why bother?

  2. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    Glitter is so you for your dress UO urges, one of my favorites kind of a salmon! Now the big question – how much ? It’s the Campbell tradition when you find a bargain..if it was a bargain

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