Cozy Calves


While waiting for the water bowl to fill, I grabbed some shots of the calves.


When the cows are moved, the calves get excited.  They run around and then get bored.  The sun is on today, so they snuggle into the grass while they wait for mum to have her tea.

Lots of chatter about the water cooler today.  I stood there for thirty minutes or so waiting for the bowl to fill.  But it was sunny and I haven’t sunbathed for years, so it was good times.


The herd gets cozy when it’s warm.


The grass is good.


Poor mum can’t have a break to take a drink without junior.


9 thoughts on “Cozy Calves

  1. carol zimmerman turner says:

    growing up on a dairy farm here in central Illinois I just love seeing these pictures of the beautiful cows and calves!! they look happy happy!

    • Jean Curtis says:

      they are happy happy. spoiled really. I would love to have a house cow for milk. maybe next year when things settle down … does that ever happen? things settling down?

    • Jean Curtis says:

      They are Salers. In America, it is pronounced ” Say-lers ” in France it is “Sah – lehrssssss” ( make sure you have a glass of wine when you say that ). Lovely cows, smart, but not too smart. Lovely horns. Wonderful mothers. Full of milk. Very little birthing trouble. Rustic, outdoor cows. Eat grass faster than any other cow in France.

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