We Sell Grass-fed Beef Direct To You


We’ve been selling grass-fed beef for a few years now.  We know and love our customers.  They come to us for many reasons.  Sometimes it is because the beef is grass-fed and grass finished.  Sometimes it is because our beef has the flavor of beef.  Sometimes they come because they want to eat food that has been raised locally, on local soil in local weather breathing local air.  Sometimes they come because their children will only eat our beef burgers.  Sometimes they come because they want to give Brent a hard time and have a coffee and give the dogs a pat.

Whatever your reason, we’ve finally updated our ” How To Buy Beef ” page to help you buy beef.


( go us! )

but really, page aside, if you want to buy beef you need to give us your email address.  The process isn’t really page-worthy.

These photos were taken today ( March 25, 2015 )  Green on the ground, gray in the sky.  Where’s our sun?!


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