Bastards Choppers


Meat delivered to Bordeaux today. It’s a pleasant drive and not too far away. Plus, it feels great to get grass-fed beef into customer hands.

There was a bit of traffic today. Mostly merging issues. Nothing compared to Seattle merging issues. They have issues, that Seattle. They refuse to zipper.  A zipper merge is when you merge when the signs tell you to, don’t merge too early.  Too early and you have a whole lot of piteous zippers not advancing.  Bordeaux did okay, but too many giant trucks slowed us down. What I lost in time to my delivery point, I gained in new and exciting places in Bordeaux.

While waiting on the bridge to delivery drop number two, there it was. With an American flag, a French flag and another flag, Bastards Choppers.


Beautiful.  I have thoughts about Bastards Choppers, but I don’t want to ruin the moment.  I’ll let it sink in for you as it did for me.  Pretend you are waiting at a red light in a left turn only lane with people in the right lane pretending they didn’t know about the left they need to make, then cutting in.  Bastards! That is a broken zipper.  If only I had a chopper.  In France, you can split lanes with a chopper.


I think I’m becoming a little bit country.  I go to big cities now and bumpkin my way around.  I’ve only ever lived in cities.  When I was in “go-mode,” I didn’t notice things like odd offices spaces.  I would just walk under things like this getting to the next meeting or appointment.  I noticed a lot of grass that was perfect for grazing.  Also a lot of people on bicycles.  There might be more bicycles than cars in Bordeaux.


I’ve been to Bordeaux, but I’ve never been to …. Bordeaux.  I have to rush back to the farm and carry on with carry on stuff.  I’m in “carry-on” mode now.


So many bridges in Bordeaux.  It reminds me of Portland, Oregon ( only older ).  If you drive over this bridge with the towers, Bastards Choppers is on your right.

3 thoughts on “Bastards Choppers

  1. kipper says:

    There is an increasing number of bicyclists in Seattle these days so now along with worrying about cars not following road rules, pedestrians also have to be wary of bicyclists being oblivious to them. I almost was run down by a cyclist the other day while I was walking along the sidewalk! Makes living in the country sound oh so calm and peaceful! Then again, there probably isn’t the French equivalent of Bartells or Nordstrom near your farm….

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Wow! I can’t imagine being run down by a cyclist. Nope, no Nordstrom, but definitely Bartells. If you threw a rock in the local village, you could hit at least three of them. They are smaller and they don’t sell Abba-Zaba, Chick-O-sticks or Zagnut.

      • martina says:

        Bartells now sells growlers (big glass jugs of beer) off tap from various breweries and ice cream by the scoop from a local dairy/ice cream company. See what you are missing?! All your fault I am now craving Chick-O-Sticks!

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