Check Out This Book


He says.  Well, okay.  I’m always up for a culinary challenge.  Let me randomly pick a recipe.


Okay, one can of Le Spam.  This could take some time.  … thankfully.  Perhaps a duck confit substitution?  or another random recipe selection.



This is Woodhenge.  Brent took the photo above a month after we moved to the farm ( October, 2010 ).  It was early morning.  I’m not sure what the structure was intended for.  It rests in a paddock we call “Detroit.”  Detroit was named because it was overgrazed for too long. Then the auto industry of fertility left, leaving the paddock full of thistles and weeds.

We didn’t do anything major to Detroit.  We used it as a sacrificial paddock as it is close to the yards.  Brent over-seeded clover and rolled out hay.  The cows graze Detroit to work the soil.  Year after year, Detroit seemed to perk up.  Now, Detroit is full of many grasses.

Detroit is green, green, green and the thistles and weeds have lost.  But, check out Wood Henge!

Our silly cows used it as a scratch post and this is all that remains.


I took this photo today from a different angle.  Don’t worry, the old trees in the “before” shot are still there and even bigger.

What A Difference A Toy Makes


I’m the sort of parent that fully supports toys for children that promote their product ” Now! With Just One Piece! ” Love those. Any number above that, screaming in bold caps at toy consumers, captures people without children or my mother. 25 pieces!  35 pieces! 75 pieces!  It’s a perk!  More for your money!  My mom would pay extra if those 75 pieces also made noise and did not require batteries.  BUT ( and what is your big BUT? )  this 75 piece set has learned me something new.  Snap Circuits Pro, is amazing.  Durable.  Levels.  Information.  Fun for a girl or a boy.  75 pieces and hundreds of exercises teaching this dude electronics.  He can’t stop himself.  He loves lego sets, but once assembled ( t = 6m23s ) he looks around for something to do.  He did the first three “sets” in the book and couldn’t wait to do more.  Actually, he got so excited, he finished exercise 3 and then skipped to exercise 215. He asked Dad for help.  We had to rein in his instant gratification tendencies and said, ” do each level and check it off as you go. ”  Can’t blame him, who wouldn’t want to chuck off a helicopter by sound and make a happy birthday song with a circuit.  It’s the sort of toy that I sat by him, doing a bit of computer work waiting for him to go to bed.  Then saying, “well, I think you should wrap it up and get some sleep.”  He would be at it all night.   I’d find him in the morning with slober on a little green piece that met a blue piece.
This toy also embraces failure.   Otto set up a circuit to fly the red propeller thing.  Round and round it went, but it did not fly.  “Mom watch this!!!”  But it did not fly.  He miserably turned off the circuit and the little red propeller flew high in the sky.  Oh the laughter.  From Otto and from me.  It WORKED!

I’m absolutely not paid to write these words.  I am impressed with this set and all its pieces.  I felt the need to share the love.

Hello World!


Lucy had a fencing match today and all Brent got was this t-shirt.  “Adishatz” means “hello” and “good-bye” in Gascon.  I felt the need to give a snort-snort-out to all those computer nerds reading this.

Someone turned the sun on.  It didn’t ease in.  I’m still wearing double wool and fleece out of habit.  My red cheeks let me know that I’ve gone too far.

There is a lot of grass right now, but to slow the herd down a bit, Brent fed a bale on a lesser grassy paddock.  This gives the paddocks time to grow.


The calves are still coming in.  Brent tags and castrates them on day one.  But what great fun to get out there and move the herd in this weather.  Southwest France is giddy.


Moon Over My Hammy


When I see a full, orange moon in the sky I think, ” Moon Over My Hammy. ”  It’s a sandwich and actually called “Moons Over My Hammy”.  A toasty, cheesy, eggy, hammy, and more cheesy sandwich at Denny’s served with hash browns.  I’ve met Moons Over My Hammy a few times at the classic American late-night go-to diner.  In all cases it was dark and the moon was full.  I was young and the moon probably was actually not full.  No matter, that’s what I think of when I see this moon.  Up it goes into the blue sky on a crisp evening shouting to us ” don’t worry people, tomorrow will be sunny again. “

Of All The Gin Joints


In all the villages, in all the world … Seattle walks into mine.

We live in Kentucky France … an on-sale three-piece with “Seattle” in glitter was never expected.  I bought it because I would regret not buying it.  Brent says, “3” is Russell Wilson’s number.  Crazy what you find on a gloomy Tuesday morn.

Let It Grow, Let It Grow!



Don’t need that hay no more!

Three young girls, spring approaching,  this pun was ready to be released.  The herd moved to the “River” paddock.  Look mom, no hay!  It’s gloomy and yet, the grass is growing so fast you can watch it move.

But, there is still mud and squidge.



The calves are running around like idiots.  I tried to capture their frolick.