The Fish Of April First


On the 31st of March in France, the children eat dinner, take a shower, brush their teeth and make little paper fish before going to bed.  We don’t know about the secret paper fish making.  They do it in bed when no one is looking.

The early morning of April 1st, you can feel a giggle in the air, but it’s held deep inside.  You have to be sneaky when you stick a paper fish on someone’s back.  One small smile and you’ve lost your chance.

I’ve written this before, but it never gets old.  Sticking paper fish on the backs of friends on the first of April is great fun.

No one is spared.

Not the dog.


Not the baby.


Not the cat.


5 thoughts on “The Fish Of April First

  1. sailorssmallfarm says:

    Yes, I definitely know about poisson d’avril – my kids did French Immersion from Kindergarten through grade 12, and paper fish happened much as you describe for years, though I don’t think the cat ever got one (maybe she ate it and I just never saw it in time). Paper fish faded out of my life when the youngest was about 12 – too cool I guess. I miss them.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Yes, I will miss them as well when the kiddies arrive at pre-teen-ness. I love the simplicity. No need to invent wild jokes. Stick a fish on it!! Laughter ensues.

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