Well, Well, Well

Doesn’t that make you nervous?!  Me, too.  Don’t worry, it was covered with concrete.  It’s one of those things that’s on your mind.  Way back on your mind.  You don’t think of it often, but it’s always there.  ” We should really fix that.”


We’ve been wanting to get this well going for the cows for ages.  It’s on The List™.  Our friend popped over today to get a proper lid fitted and made.  Well, there’s the first step.  Now we are motivated to get the rest of the steps moving.


It’s not that we’ve been sitting on our arse.  We take on each project when the time is right.  Our water gets shut off from time to time due to silly reasons ( usually involving a trench or hole … not by us!! ).  The well is our back-up water for the cows.  Or if there is enough water, our main plan for the cows.  We’ll see.

Here is my #wellfie.  I’m the little pixel under the line.


7 thoughts on “Well, Well, Well

  1. Shirley says:

    Chorale fell down our well which is so deep we could hardly see her. Fortunately she fell into water but the wooden cover which had rotted and fallen in with her meant she could cling on. I ran for the local farmer who lowered a noose down and hauled her out.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      OH!!! Poor thing!!! When the cover came off, I kept a close eye on the boys ( because they are daffy ). Chorale was nowhere near … perhaps she remembered :). It’s all covered now. Poor thing. No wonder she’s fond of digging holes, therapy. Confront your fears 🙂

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