Mint Mint Is Eight


I don’t really want to talk about it. Nothing but chubble.   She’s my little Chub Chub.  It’s not possible that she could be this old.


A very interesting creature, little Mint.  Great ideas.  Amazing interests and perception.


I made food the other day.  I snuck in some mushrooms.  I chopped them as fine as one can chop mushrooms so no one will notice.

Duck Fat Fries

Dinner went swell.  No one noticed.

The Pout

Minty pulled me aside, ” you put mushrooms in this. ”


” Uh, yeah, I did, ” I gulped, ” Can you tell? ”

minty pink

No words.  Just a look.


She has a lot of looks, our Mint.


And lovely to cuddle.  Even at eight.  Happy Birthday to Clementine.

7 thoughts on “Mint Mint Is Eight

  1. kipper says:

    What a cute little Seahawk! Belated happy birthday wishes for MintMint. Neighbor girl is 6, she loves to come over here and visit the the dog or do crafts.. The other day she asked if she could come over and play. I was flattered, since I’m almost old enough to be her grandma. Then realized….she wanted to play with the dog.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      I love it! Mint Mint would love to come over and do crafts! She visits our various neighbors often. she loves to get to know people … and the dog 🙂

    • Jean Curtis says:

      tooooooOOOOO FAST. I never used to say that until they all started growing each year. Every year, they keep getting older … all of them. Even the baby!

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