Two Pink Plastic Eggs, One Pink Tutu, Not Z Impressed


Lucy placed the egg hunt.  If it’s pink, leave it for Z.  But we only have two pink eggs.  No matter, treasures inside were worth her effort.  Not sure if Z agrees.

She runs around in this tutu like it’s warm … but it’s not warm.  But let’s keep pretending it is warm.

Today is Easter.  The kids woke up early to find their secret Easter Yum via cryptic clues.  Clues written by a tired bunny chillin’ with her homeboy, sittin’ by the hot Mr. Green.  A bit of wine and the clues made their way to the livestock.  “Let them work hard for their chocolate!” says the Easter Bunny.


Chocolate was found.  Surprises were collected.  Easter egg hunt successful, but it was close.  ( Note to parents: hiding eggs in tufts of grass is a great idea until you have very many tufts of grass.   Then, top up your drink, keep searching and be thankful for all that vitamin D you are absorbing. )

After an hour in the blazing sun, all eggs were found.  Which was great because the egg hunt had a bit of money in the game, so loosing an egg is like loosing a mini nest egg!

3 thoughts on “Two Pink Plastic Eggs, One Pink Tutu, Not Z Impressed

  1. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    Esther’s kids…maybe all. Our solution when the hunt was here was to rGlad you still have wee ones for the hunt, etc. I suspect Shirley will do a round of “bunny” for H

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