Name Ten Things You Can Do With A Hay Bale


On our drive to Judo, Otto makes me asks questions.  Usually preoccupied with beef sales, cows, kids and the rest, I can only draw upon some old favorites.


Name n things you can do with x.


He loves this one.  He starts with the obvious and quickly moves to the obscure.


Vacation day today.  Bored kids.  Anxious kids because two weeks off is but less than four days away.


Otto opened up his Unbored book to find a bit on jumping, rolling, moving or lifting yourself over stuff.  Hey look!  A hay bale!


Everyone joined in to see what they could do to get over this grassy knoll.


Dogs helped out.


Then Dragon II joined in.


Hay bale fun arrested.


… unless of course, you wish to take on the Dragon.

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