Lots and Lots of Grass

( photo by Zelie )

With all the rain and sun, the grass is growing rapidly.  I need to get out there and mow, but it’s too wet.  Then the sun shines.  Then it rains.  Then it grows another inch.

( photo by Zelie )

We are now at the point where I need to strim it down and then mow it.  UG!  I joked with Brent, ” we should have an annual run of the herd in the courtyard. ” Fence the courtyard and let the cows trim the grass for a day. After, I can mow and all will be swell.


Though we could do that, I don’t think the Golden Shower of Puppies would handle bovine courtyard friends for a day.

The herd is in “the oatfield.”  A field we seeded in oats once and made hay.  Now, we are bringing it back to life with grazing and some rolled out hay.  There was a lot of good stuff this time around.


Brent rolled out a hay bale to have them work it in the soil and munch.  The herd moved to their new paddock and totally ignored the hay bale.  Except the calves.  They were all cozied up for an afternoon nap in the sun.  They looked thankful that Brent rolled out a little bed for them.


4 thoughts on “Lots and Lots of Grass

  1. Cecilia Mary Gunther says:

    Such a kind farmer.. you need a goat for the courtyard.. well maybe not. I know what you need – you need a kunekune.. they only eat the pasture, do not bother the trees and do not dig..plus they like dogs.. there.. i will send you one.. c

  2. Gladys says:

    Miniature donkeys are supposed to be fabulous lawn mowers. Poop in one area and easy to contain. Much easier than goats. They are super with dogs. They’re adorable.

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