Move Today


Oh yes, they love to scratch.  Especially this time of year as the weather is warm and the fur is long.

The herd is marching down California, the paddock.  Lots of stuff to eat.  Very fat, happy herd.


I do a lot of video of the moves because, to me, it’s interesting.  So, I started a GrasspunkTube channel.  Full of every-day cow moves and other noises and movements of the farm.  No jokes.  No viral videos.  A few moments of life on a farm in France.  Very quiet except for the birds and the chooks and the cows and the calves.  Occasionally the Golden Retrievers.

We also look back on photos and video to see how the pasture has progressed.  Detroit is the most impressive.

4 thoughts on “Move Today

    • Jean Curtis says:

      SO COOL, that you saw that. Exactly what I was thinking! Little calf, sees Brent and says, “hello!” The calves know Brent very well.

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