Rock, Paper, Scissors, Well


Another French lesson from my children.  I’m not sure how “rock, paper, scissors” came up, but when we started playing, it went like this

Me and kids: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Kids: Well!

Me: Well?

Evidently, there is a well.  And paper beats it.  Covers up the well, you see.

Our well is covered up now.  Safely.  We sleep better now.  I stuck a lego, Johnny Depp lookin’ dude wearing a tuxedo in because when life gives you wet cement, stick shit in!


We played another game of rock, paper, scissors … well, that went like this

Me and kids: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Well

Zelie: and Shooter! pow pow!

Child Wanders Off And Has a Picnic By Herself


The kids are still on vacation.  The weather has been rainy and sunny and rainy and sunny.  Z packed her bag and wandered off for a picnic.  I didn’t once think where she might go or how far away.  She’s old enough now to be safe ( okay, I worry still … but not as much ).


If you measure how far she went and overlay that on our Seattle home, you would be worried.  Kids don’t go places by themselves anymore.  I’m not sure why.  Let’s blame it on the media.

A new vineyard is going up ( the brown bit in the distance ).  It will be nice to have the vines back.  We will never do vines.  Though, I like the presence of vines.  They feel stoic.  Probably because we live in France and France makes wine.  Some would say, “nice wine.”


She had her picnic and wanted a cheese refill.

If a child prepares a picnic on their own, wanders off and enjoys herself and no one is watching, does she have a good time?

What Is That?


Zelie asks in excitement.  “That is the ocean,” we say. “Woo! OOo!  Woo! Ooo!” she replies.

We delivered beef in Bordeaux today and made a little side trip.  The kids are on vacation, so it seemed a good time to steal a moment to go somewhere we’ve never been before.  In Zelie’s case, the ocean.  Born and raised in vines, cows, ducks and crops, she’s never seen the ocean.  She ran around like a four-year-old on a beach.


Lucy has been to the beach many times in many countries.


Spoiled child.  Yet still, I optimistically believe that we will all play in the sand and not really go in the water.


“No mom, I’m getting my feet wet” means: “I’m going in and you can’t stop me.”

Water temperature and swimming attire are never an issue.


The beach was sleepy and lovely.  It reminded me of the beach town where I grew up.  Dedicated surfers working their skill despite the wind and cold.  No one around except the dude with the metal detector and four visitors like us sticking our feet in the water.  A not so busy snack stand selling everything except fish and chips: duck and chips, burger and chips, beef and chips, chicken and chips, steak and chips plus variations on previous meaty bits and chips.

The beach houses were impressive.  They don’t make beach houses like this in Southern California.


You could access the beach using a staircase.  Most were being worked on.  We finally found one after a long walk.  … conveniently the only working staircase was right next to the snack shack.


We didn’t do much.  I watched the kids play with the beach.  I was reminded how loud being at the beach can be.


Another beach house.  They have beach apartments that look a bit familiar, but these houses really stood out for me.


Zelie made a very, very long track.  Looking beyond, I could just see Tijuana.


As we walked down the beach, I came across a casualty of play.  A broken green soldier man abandoned on the beach.  Curious where his bottom half might be.  But he seems strong and still ready to fight.


For lunch we polished off our non-fish and chip dish when I noticed that the shop across the way sold other interesting things.  Paninis, Americains and Chichis!  With chips, no doubt!


The beach, today, was a lovely treat.



The Colza Is In Bloom Again


The herd is still munching through Detroit.  The colza is yellowing all over the place.  Colza is rapeseed in English.  We get two yellowings in Southwest France.  The Spring colza and the July sunflowers.  Both used for oil.

The herd moved to the last section of Detroit with ease.  The calves kept up and everyone was calm.  They went straight to munch-mode.


We had our last calf today.  Whew!  He is already up and feeding.  I’ll grab some photos tomorrow.  Mum and pup need to bond.

Sunny, busy days


The grass is growing like grass in springtime.  The cows are super fat and happy.  They had a big move today.  It’s a bit tricky to get the herd moving with all the crazy calves.  We moved them across the road today, which usually goes smoothly.  But the calves, oh the calves.  A mom or two would stop in the road to make sure their calf was close by.  Blocking bovine traffic.  They figured it out.  Calves are crazy.  They usually follow their mum or the herd.  But, sometimes, if they get confused, they will run in infinite directions except  directly at you.  We try to shuffle them along with the herd.

After another big move to the yards, the cows went out to Detroit.  Then Hot 100 gave birth to a little, red calf.  Brent knew she was going to go today, so he wanted to get the herd to their new paddock before she gave birth.


When all was said and done, we went out to check “Hottie” and after a few pushes, out popped the calf.  She started licking it clean and a few other mums came to help out.  It takes a village to lick a calf clean.

The cows like to lick.


They lick new calves, older calves, each other, salt, Brent.


The sun has been so welcome here.  The kids have moved their play outside.  Sunbathing, cards, puzzles.  … ink pens.   Lumi and Jiggy found the ink pen.  They thought that was pretty cool.


Now that Spring has sprung, the clock is ticking.  Any posts that need to be pushed in need to be pushed in now before it’s too dry.  Fence lines need to be cleaned before the blackberries eat them.  Any seeding and soil working needs to get moving.  Eggs are coming in fast, so ice cream needs to be made.


Now Tell Me


Are the calves snuggled in long grass after a big move content?


Is a fat herd happy after asking them to move to another paddock mid-nap?


Is Brent happy that I didn’t spray him with the running hose as we switched the water?


Is this cow pregnant?


Yeah, he says she’s ready to go.

Me?  … I look at that full udder and think, boy, we could really use a milk cow on this farm.