Today, In Phone Photos … Phonetatoes


Child four on outside lounge.

Ying and Yang … or Dumb and Dumber ( Dummer? sp? ) chewing a leg and a tail.


Dutiful retriever fetching clean laundry to be washed and folded again.


Hungry farmer eats a snack before more cutting of the hay.


Farmer Croc that I totally block.  I don’t want to talk about it.  move along …

… oh but the little kitten holding tightly to the tractor key.  His name?  Renault Kitty.


And off he goes, to another paddock for to cut the hay.


… runs through a gate.  Whoops, the sun, you see is very bright at this angle.  The retrievers help out as best they can.


all good, waiting for Farmer man to come home…

Miam Miam


That’s French for “yum yum!”


Hay and cow moves today.  Mostly hay.  The sun shines, so make hay whilst.

Brent collects the fence.


Here are a couple of hay fields mowed.  A bit of a Brazilian technique.  I don’t think they do this anymore, so we are already retro.


The herd is ready to move.


They get stuck in right away.


During a pasture walk, cloud crop circles are located.  What are they saying?


Why Is That Cow Eating Those Yellow Flowers?


Because it’s yummy.  It’s Les Lotiers.  Bird’s-foot trefoils.  “Bacon-and-eggs,” says wikipedia.  Beef raised on the nutrients and warm-belly feeling of “bacon-and-eggs” …. yeah, I’m all for it.  The herd has been well fed and content this Spring.  Now I understand why this cows seeks out the yummy flowers of nummi-nabilty.


… and in other photos, Jiggy, King of the Hay Bale.


No other dog tops this bale.  Jiggy is the one pup to rule them, well not all, but most.


Lumi looks out for things out of order.  Like a blade of grass placed on a parked Hilux.  Or a Skoda resting slightly to the left of consistent parking spot.  It’s the little, little, littlest things for this pup.  We call him “RainDog.”


Another thing of many things this dog has had in his mouth today.  He value-adds with his thing-in -the-mouth deal.  You will have a great review this June!  Good work, dude!


A sun set by our French Teletubbie faction.


This double yacht carpe diem … what-choo-call it nearly clobbered my Skoda!


And finally, Poor Peppa, a Casualty of Play.  We’ll update her o-bitch shortly.


Decathlon, But With Five Events, Three Retrievers, One Tantrum and One Potty Break


So that makes ten.

Otto practices the Shot Put with Golden Retrievers.  Result.  With a little convincing, you can have another go with the Shot Put.


The cows are in … just in case you were curious.  They are in Club Med today.  Though the sun didn’t shine much, so no little umbrellas at the water tank.


Everyone wanted to join in with Otto’s Track-and-Field day.  Zelie tossed a shot put, but then needed a drink ( and the potty ).


Minty had all intentions to join the fun, but let’s not get into Otto vs Minty.  Too close in age.  Younger, annoying sister meets older stupid brother.  Everything escalates based on those terms.


Javelin a-go-go.

Lucy stands strong.


Lumi squints.


Then the hurdles.


Timer on…


Great jumping!



Followed by the sprint.  Otto raising his winning hands even though Lucy is ahead.


And the Long Jump.



The fans went crazy.  Such support from the Courrensan family.


Meat Day In Bordeaux


I love driving to Bordeaux.  Country road followed by 130 kilos per hour down the speedway.  Then, traffic and red lights.  But beauty is all around you.  I pass beauty to stop in my carpark waiting for customers.

The usual suspects drove by, but then there was this yellow Corvette.  Then a Bentley.  Then a small, British curvy thing without a name.  And an American ganster car.  Not a Renault or Poo-joe I’m familiar with.


I think there was an old car thing on.  They traveled in groups.  I captured two.

Gorgeous day and meat delivered.  I took a gorgeous photo of the wheat backlit by the setting sun.


which turned out to be how many bugs can you count on my windscreen.

Twenty-Nine Again


Every year, the same thing.  Twenty-nine.  After about sixteen, I was over birthdays.  … and that was during a time when one had a birthday.  Now, evidently, people have a birthday-week.  I haven’t wrapped my head around that one.

Great day today.  But everyday is pretty great.  Though today, I brought out the big bah-loons.  And listened to Katy Perry ( please say that with a French accent ) without the lyrics.  After a few notes, you deduce all pop to Garage Band ( free with Mac products ).

Grasspunks On The Moon Mall


They built a mall about an hour away from us.  It is in the shape of a crescent moon.  Lucy and Otto have forgotten memories of mall adventures in America.  Here in Kentucky France, there are no malls.  With Nana in town, we decided to pack up and see what this “moon mall” was all about.

After a long drive, we made it inside.  The girls were very loud and full of commentary.  “SSsshhh, not so loud,” I’d say.  I felt very country-in-the-city and that maybe I should get them out more.   I looked at the pasture.  I found a sign “Entree Troupeau” – “herd entry.”  Aaaah, very funny.


It was all clean and sparkle-arkle.  Bouncy castles, shops, lights, camera, action. Nowhere for cows to graze.   The girls bought lipgloss and shoes and dresses.


Lucy’s friend recommended the potato restaurant.  A tractor was parked out front.  That should be interesting.  Google translate will tell you that the French word for “potato” is “pomme de terre,” but they are wrong.  Pomme de terre is the French word for potato, but the real French word for potato is “patate.”  Tomato – Tomate.  Potato – Patate.  Let’s call the whole thing spud.

IMG_3142Doing the obligatory here’s-what-I-ate shot, I was loving the simplicity of melted chocolate with marshmallows.  A dessert I pull out when I’ve got nothing for dessert.  We enjoyed our meal and trooped back in for more shopping.

I had to teach Minty how to shop.  Sometimes you go to a shop and like something, then you leave and go to another shop to like something.  Then you go back to the original shop and buy it or leave it … rinse and repeat.  Minty cried.  It’s all too much.  She got the hang of it.  It didn’t come naturally.