The Balls Are Back In Town


The bulls are in.  Here’s one, the black guy.  There is another just like him.  They are enjoying their special purpose.  The girls gave them a bit of hell on first introduction, but everyone seems like friends with benefits at the moment.

A little French lesson “Buvette” is what they call the bar at the village parties.  It is also what you call this brown bowl full of water for the cows.  English language equivalent would be “off to the watering hole.”  I thought it was interesting that both French and Americans see the cow bowl as also a place to grab a beer.


GRrrrrrrr.  So much grass, yet still you, Cow 10… I’m watching you, insist on eating under the wire.


Fun today.  Brent precisely placed the hay prong into the waterline.  So amazing, I don’t think he  could do this a second time.  There’s a challenge.


Just amazing.


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