Feeling A Bit Rogue


We usually have guests or neighbors or customers around.  But today, no one was looking.  Oh and it’s so hot.  Well, the kids are looking, but after this many years, their surveillance has descended into white noise.  They know the drill.  The balls are doing well in the herd, no gnu-ews is good gnu-ews.  Fences are holding bitches are standing.  Aaaah yeah.

I suppose you are watching.  A lot was done today without comment.  As I said, it was hot.  Brent sprayed the herd with water.  They enjoyed their Springtime drizzle.

Minty grabbed my phone and a photo of my life as an American accountant.  Lots of numbers, lots of nonsense.  And thankfully, lots of sun!


She also grabbed a photo of our staircase.  A bit blurry, but representative of the feeling of said staircase.


Rogue, just like our chooks.  Don’t worry, we’ll pull it together next week, we have company …

Should you need the soundtrack for today, imagine non-stop Eurovision 2015 (s)hits.  All day, all Eurovision.  You know what?  It’s not all that bad.

Should you need a soundtrack for our situation, here is a goodie:

Still trying to understand Eric Carmen vs Eric Cartman.

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