Farm Random From A Grass-fed Beef Farm In France


We know a farmer or two.  And this one sells strawberries so sweet and delicious.  just amazing.  They also come in white.  I’ve never seen white strawberries, but they are so lovely.  The kids loved them.  They kept asking if they were ripe.  I told them that they are a different variety and yes, they were ripe … have a taste.  One bite and The Strawberry War of 2015 set in.

My pal Jiggy guards our most important papers.  He’s always one to lend a paw.  You can open one drawer at a time with the filing cabinets. Should a retriever butt block your way … well, you’ll just have to wait.


Siamese Weather Station says, ” it’s too darn hot” ( Kiss Me Kate ref ).  He’s collecting shade outside by the hot brick and the wilting outdoor chair.


Brent lost a hay prong.  We’ll leave it at that.  A new hay prong has been purchased and mounted.  ( chicka ow ow ).


Here’s some grass and a project.  More on that later…


… which may involve these fowl creatures.


… or this foul four-year-old.


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