Internet Fast

Ye ol’ interwebs are down. There’sa big storm a-brewin.   It’s frustrating.  The people should be over to get ‘er done. … Sometime … Maybe Friday. 
When I was a child, not so long ago mind you, growing up in San Diego, there would be blackouts. The electricity would poop out because there were too many people blow drying their hair and heating their pool. When the lights failed, we’d get out the candles and carry on. We’d talk. We would giggle.  The moment your electricity went, it was your show and all cast members to your immediate right and left.  Though your lights are off, you are on.   And so it went for hours. Eyes adjusted. Reality checked.   

Thoughts seemed to move ahead. Ambition joined the party.  There was a moment when the plan looked promising, but the lights blinked. Then, they were back on. Permanently.   “Aah,”  we would moan. Then, turn the lights back off as though nothing happened. 

Though difficult to carry on business without the internet, it is nice to take a deep internet-free breath.   And when it comes back on, I won’t turn it off.  Not because I need to update my latent meal. Or that it’s very cold writing a blog post In thé dark with prédictive french texto. The internet is a great place. I reccommend, however, grabbing some Time off.  Look around. You’ll love it. 

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4 thoughts on “Internet Fast

  1. Gladys says:

    What made it particularly fun during blackouts was the gas stove which aloud us to continue with a fabulous meal made by an expert chef. I remember spaghetti with candle light. Yes , Jean, they are fond memories.

  2. kipper says:

    The hiss of the red Coleman lantern and the glow from its’ mantle/mantel.. We used it for camping, but during those infrequent and thankfully short power outages in Seattle, the lantern was brought out and used. Guess my parents preferred it to using flashlights. If needed, the little camping stove was started up, the beatup Wearever pan filled with canned chili and we would have a warm dinner. Thankfully we didn’t need to use the other main camping tool-the Folgers’ coffee can used as a chamber pot!

    • Jean Curtis says:

      hah! I know those cans! Huge coffee cans. My parents went through them. …. er not as a chamber pot though …

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