Time To Exchange Stories by The Cow Bowl


The kids are getting bigger.  Too big to swim in the water bowl for the cows, but the sun went on and they insisted.  You wouldn’t believe the effort they put in getting that bowl up to the house.  It was in the field.  They don’t drive.  It was hot.  The fence is on.  The gates are limited.  But they got that bowl up here.  Four kids of different age working together to get splashing.  Oh but wait, there is no water supply.  No worries, they solved that as well.  … and called us “lazy bones” in the process.  Four kids made a pool happen today.

The dogs loved it, of course.  The kids enjoyed a splash in the pool.  Especially after all the work they put in to making it happen.

Yours Truly,

Lazy Bones


3 thoughts on “Time To Exchange Stories by The Cow Bowl

  1. casa mariposa says:

    I absolutely love that your kids did this. I work with spoiled, suburban kids who couldn’t think their way out of a box. Every second of this was just brilliant. 🙂

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Yeah, my kids would fall into that way of thinking if we continued with our suburban life. But we are here now and we can’t solve everyone’s problems. Too much to do. So they need to work out the solutions to their desires. I was pleased that my little baby four-year-old was along for the ride. The beaming faces as they pushed that bowl up to the house was beautiful. I chose not to take a photo. It’s better if you create your own image.

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