Moving The Grass-Fed Cattle



It’s getting hot hot.  This is the part where we look for paddocks next to trees.  The herd is doing well in the heat, but they are always thankful for a bit of shade.

They finished eating the paddock we call “Colorado.”  To you, it looks brown and dry.  If you walk in the field and look underneath the tall grass, it is rich with green.  The cows were fat.  They ate all the good stuff and left what they didn’t like.  This will add fertility and seeds for the fall growth.

We had to wake them up to get them moving.  Brent and his lead cows led the way.  I took up crowd control and lagging calves.  Calves usually lag because they stare at me.  Very curious, those calves.



Cow 78 took her time.  She wanted to do a bit more munching in the lane before moving to the next paddock.  It’s tough because we moved them through a perfect alfalfa field.  They couldn’t help but munch their way along.



Keep it moving 78, you’re almost there.



It’s a lot cooler in “Colorado 2.”  The trees help and the the lush, green grass.


10 thoughts on “Moving The Grass-Fed Cattle

  1. Jill B. says:

    It is so beautiful there! San Diego is hot, hot. We are having a terrible drought so no green grass here. Thanks again for sharing your life. We look forward to your posts. 🙂
    Jill B.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      yeah, things are turning brown, slowly. We have cool mornings and evenings which rounds out the day. Hot hot all day and night really takes it out of you. Though a secret, alfalfa grows in hot, dry conditions so there is always a bit of green throughout the summer. It’s the long roots.

  2. Jean Curtis says:

    Ah, things may have changed. Back in my day … In Southern California, the Motel 6 had little paper straightjackets for the toilet seats. The T.V. wasn’t chained in. And the cups were covered in paper. Top Class. So, when you stop by, we’ll make sure your tea is hot and the little soap is brand, spankin’ new!

  3. Kipper says:

    So beautiful to see green grass. Most of the lawns in our Seattle neighborhood are now amber/gold. The one good thing is that means the lawn doesn’t need to be mowed at this time!

    • Jean Curtis says:

      yeah, we are approaching that season. But, I still have work to do because it was so wet! The grass grew so tall. Now I’m going through three times to get it back to normal. Crazy year.

  4. klyse3 says:

    How lovely! Hot here in the American South too…this entire week has been almost 100 degrees! Your farm is gorgeous. 😀 My husband and I would love to move to France in a few years.

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