Bringing In The Hay


Brent grabbed some cool hours to bring in some hay.  We are having a heatwave at the moment. In French it is called “la canicule.”

The herd has plenty of shade and plenty of food.  They seemed to take the day off today because it’s very, very hot ( about 104 F ).  Eat, water, shade.  Water, shade.  Shade.  Eat.

I’ve been hot many times before.  Once or twice traveling by car from San Diego to Eugene, Oregon.  Pulling over for gas and a pee in Redding, CA.  They said it was 108, but it felt like fire.  The gas went in the car without combusting.  The pee went quickly, so we could get back in the car and get rolling.  This was without air conditioning, mind you ( #uphillbothways ).

I also remember a time driving up to Eugene Oregon, stopping in Redding or Yreka ( you pronounce that as “Y … Reekah.” … as I was told-off by Mr. Burger King ) and having a huge water fight at a rest stop.  We hopped in the car wet and went on our way.  …. oh the hot trips to Eugene, Oregon.  I could spin some yarn.

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