Brats Like Me


Give a kid a camera and she takes some interesting photos.  How did we manage to get four obnoxious kids?  Must be carried on the Y chromosome.  The kids are managing their summer boredom by making videos, figuring out the self-timer, taking pictures and generally making a mess.  Though, they would call their work “games” and “projects.”

It’s not easy raising these monsters, but hopefully they will be capable adults.

Burgers On The Grill

Girl On Grill Action


I know I don’t need to tell you that it’s Burger time.  I’m very pleased that, at last, I dusted off my grill and got back to what this blog was about. We sold beef burgers to our customers and I thought I should try out our burgers on the BBQ.  I’ve only ever tasted them in a hot pan.   So we got the grill going to see how our burgers held up.DSC_0891 Someone gave us a classic Weber Grill without legs.  The grill is in great condition.  I’m not sure what happened to the legs.  Sometimes what happened in ‘Nam, stays in ‘Nam.  Brent found some bricks with rounded tops that held it steady.  I think I shall call our new BBQ “Timmy.”


I’m used to lighting the charcoal with a chimney deal.  A bit of paper in the bottom and charcoal on the top.  Things get hot…

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Z Always Likes To Help


Kevin is building something, but it doesn’t matter what.

Zelie is right there helping in anyway possible.  


I wasn’t there, so I imagine she is asking a lot of questions ” What’s that? ” … ” What are you doing, Kevin? ”  …. ” Why are you doing that, Kevin? ” … “Kevin, look at me!  Look what I can do!”

I went down to tell them lunch was ready.  Thankfully Kevin is patient with the four-year-olds.


Z loves Kevin.  She’s always following him and waking him up and waiting for him to entertain her.


Kevin is leaving soon, but I’m not sure he fully understands the power of Z.  We’ll do our best to get you to the airport on time :).

The Distributor Of Pain


Delivered beef today to Bordeaux.  Good fun navigating tourists.  Usually it’s the workists, travel to work and back again.  But it’s July, so things are different.

Kevin came along which was great.  He’s very good with iPod Roulette.  A game I play on my own traveling.  Spin the wheel, don’t look away for you may hit a ditch, a tree or oncoming truck, click, click and click, then identify what is now playing.  808 State caught us out.

I pointed out the baguette vending machine.  The all-nighter of bread shops.  This machine supplies  baguette to anyone at any time in any state who can handle a few coins and a button.

One delivery sported the most awesome t-shirt.  An Ultimate Frisbee team in the states and a damn fine idea.  Who doesn’t love the Hoff?  For the ‘H’ year, we had a steer named Hoff.  He munched away, bringing great beef years later.


Hoff aside, we are still working on the square logo.  Our friend offered an example.  A way of saying

  • – we grow grass, good grass, a blend of grass we believe will nurture the animals
  • – cows eat our grass
  • – we eat their meat

… we don’t add anything special.  No cereals.  No anti-juice.  just not sure if you are ready for it.

I like the logo idea it brings you back when food was farmed for reals.  When meat was offered without plastic wrap.  When you knew the name of your farmer.

Hot Out, Let’s Eat Some Duck With The Village!

DSC_0716 July, the time of the village parties.  In July, we prepare Duck Confit and Fries. … and salad and cheese and the rest. Very hot last night, but with the breeze we managed to keep things moving. DSC_0690 Guests arrived for a giggle and a drink before dinner.  Our kids each drank a can of coke.  ’tis the season! They don’t drink Coke very often, so a nice cold “Coca” on a hot day is even better than a treat. DSC_0698 The confit is prepared in a large round hot plate that has some name in French that escapes me.  Though, I’m sure in French it sounds better than “large round hot plate.”   I grabbed this rare shot of the villagers “blessing” the Large Round Hot Plate.  All arms in, a chant in Gascon before they put the confit into the large round hot plate to be cooked and offered to the village. DSC_0689 .. that was a joke, I’m think they were testing the temperature.  … but it was a funny photo! After the chant, the duck legs go in and they cover with foil. DSC_0693 The music plays and the confit cooks. This guy had some sort of synth accordion magic going on.  He could play Kenny G as well as classic accordion hits.  Also 80’s memories for most of the audience, except me.  If only he knew Billy Jean. DSC_0705 A pick-up basketball game erupted with the hungry boys waiting for dinner. DSC_0697 Gratuitous Z photo demonstrating how cute she is and therefore I must be also this cute.  Them there eyes. DSC_0700 You know that feeling of an ice cold beer on a hot summer day?  Now add Peach syrup to that.  Think French Heifer Veizen.  AAAAaaaah. DSC_0712 A bit of texting next to the confit.  We’re not all that isolated in Kentucky France. DSC_0707 Good chats before dinner.  You can see by the still capture of mouth position, this group does not speak English.  There is a lot of passion in those lip positions.  Lots of vowels. Consonants tossed out like yesterday’s croissants.  If you want to express yourself in France, use your vowels. or shrug. DSC_0706 Confit about ready.  Frites are on. DSC_0713 Carlos, is ready to serve. DSC_0718 Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal.  We are still working out the timing of the frites, but when the frites arrived, they were great! DSC_0724   DSC_0727 Salad, cheese followed.  Then apple tart with ice craem.  coffeeDSC_0688 and some local Armagnac. DSC_0731 Then some dancing! DSC_0752 Even the dogs tucked in to the groove. DSC_0743  

Photos From A Four-Year-Old

DSC_0566Every once in awhile, I let the kids use my phone.  The phone has a camera.  As clever as those games are, the kids are WAY more interested in using the camera.  Here is what a farm in France looks like from a four-year-old girl’s perspective. I’ll spare you my silly captions. IMG_4084_2








No Screen Sunday A.K.A. I’m BORED


So we play baseball.  … with a tennis ball … and three ball hungry retrievers. This farmer had a hefty day with cows.  But when Otto says, let’s play ball, we can’t resist.  He set the diamond up before breakfast. DSC_0515

Tag him Otto!


You got him! DSC_0518

Whoops, he got you!


Z is next at bat.  … er and her side-kick.DSC_0546This is Z.  She jumps and goes.DSC_0569

The boys love baseball.  They are the best catchers.  Still working on being the best droppers. DSC_0565Okay, she’s ready to bat.  Just a few more jumps.


Brent checks out the pasture as well as the foul ball we need to get back into play.DSC_0556Minty on first base.


Brent after a pop fly catch.  I’m OUT! Thanks, Jiggy, for your support.


Most of us bat right, but two of us bat left.

DSC_0525DSC_0589Kevin runs in to throw the ball and finish home run hitter, Brent.


Lucy distracts by applying fancy Judo techniques.  Yet, Brent slides into home.  Home run! DSC_0597

More Willow Bye-Bye


The courtyard willow is gone.  Old tree fell victim to vermin.  After the branch that fell, we investigated the rest of the tree and news is not good.  Our friend helped take down the other side.  The center piece will come down in fall.

So, more clearing.  Z is the bestest helper.  She is non-stop.  When you want to grab a rest, she will say, “what are you doing?”  Meaning, “let’s go!”  So Kevin and the kids ( mostly Z ), broke down the tree and piled it on the bon fire. ( nice guns, Kevin! )


Z is in charge.  You’d think, after all these years of development by us adults, a four-year-old would be a minion. Think again.


Brent is cutting the last of the hay.  My ISO is whacky, but you get the idea.


Ssshh, Nobody Knows I’m Here

No, not at Comicon. Out on the farm where no four are speaking at me all at the same time. Our retired mum comes in for a cuddle.

Kevin and the kids have been building up the bon fire. With 100f and hot wind, we won’t light it anytime soon.

The herd is ( hopefully ) in Triangle paddock. I can’t see them from here. Sometimes, it’s not a case of where they should be. It’s looking where they shouldn’t be.

Handsome farmer checking on the water.

The boys are very happy this evening. After a hot, hot day, cool air is blowing. Some say a bit of rain tomorrow.