The Wading Pool


Hot again today.  This is our local pool.  Seven minutes away and the kids love it.

These are our cows before they moved to “Club Med”  the cow equivalent.


Minty has a swimming lesson each evening.  While this is going on, Z runs and splashes and runs and splashes.  Once you learn how to walk, every moment after, you run.  Why walk?  So slow.  So she runs.


The cows greeted Club Med with similar appreciation.  They didn’t run, but they tucked right in to the cool water.  It’s nice to have a splash when it’s very hot outside.


The calves appreciated the water just as Z would.  In and out.  This one jumped out


Then he did that calf stare.  See?  The calves stare at me.


This gal found the cow scratch post.


Nothing like a pool of water to ease this weather.

2 thoughts on “The Wading Pool

  1. Gladys says:

    I remember fondly the pool and the slides and the ice cream afterwards. We shut the place down. I’ve shared that adventure many times. Did I tell you the one about… My friends love to hear about my family in France. Hey, you’re hotter than we are!!!!!

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