More Willow Bye-Bye


The courtyard willow is gone.  Old tree fell victim to vermin.  After the branch that fell, we investigated the rest of the tree and news is not good.  Our friend helped take down the other side.  The center piece will come down in fall.

So, more clearing.  Z is the bestest helper.  She is non-stop.  When you want to grab a rest, she will say, “what are you doing?”  Meaning, “let’s go!”  So Kevin and the kids ( mostly Z ), broke down the tree and piled it on the bon fire. ( nice guns, Kevin! )


Z is in charge.  You’d think, after all these years of development by us adults, a four-year-old would be a minion. Think again.


Brent is cutting the last of the hay.  My ISO is whacky, but you get the idea.


4 thoughts on “More Willow Bye-Bye

  1. kipper says:

    Z gets the cutest looks when you take her photo. . Then if you look at the photo of her parents, you know where she got those facial expressions from!

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