No Screen Sunday A.K.A. I’m BORED


So we play baseball.  … with a tennis ball … and three ball hungry retrievers. This farmer had a hefty day with cows.  But when Otto says, let’s play ball, we can’t resist.  He set the diamond up before breakfast. DSC_0515

Tag him Otto!


You got him! DSC_0518

Whoops, he got you!


Z is next at bat.  … er and her side-kick.DSC_0546This is Z.  She jumps and goes.DSC_0569

The boys love baseball.  They are the best catchers.  Still working on being the best droppers. DSC_0565Okay, she’s ready to bat.  Just a few more jumps.


Brent checks out the pasture as well as the foul ball we need to get back into play.DSC_0556Minty on first base.


Brent after a pop fly catch.  I’m OUT! Thanks, Jiggy, for your support.


Most of us bat right, but two of us bat left.

DSC_0525DSC_0589Kevin runs in to throw the ball and finish home run hitter, Brent.


Lucy distracts by applying fancy Judo techniques.  Yet, Brent slides into home.  Home run! DSC_0597

4 thoughts on “No Screen Sunday A.K.A. I’m BORED

  1. pattisj says:

    So nice to see the family playing together. We have a Z in our family, too. We teased our daughter that she had exhausted the alphabet by the time Z came along.

  2. grasspunk says:

    I didn’t see you take so many photos. I notice how you aren’t in any of them.We’ll have to set Otto up with a camera to catch some of your athletic moments. I like that you got that good shot of the home base tyre.

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