Hot Out, Let’s Eat Some Duck With The Village!

DSC_0716 July, the time of the village parties.  In July, we prepare Duck Confit and Fries. … and salad and cheese and the rest. Very hot last night, but with the breeze we managed to keep things moving. DSC_0690 Guests arrived for a giggle and a drink before dinner.  Our kids each drank a can of coke.  ’tis the season! They don’t drink Coke very often, so a nice cold “Coca” on a hot day is even better than a treat. DSC_0698 The confit is prepared in a large round hot plate that has some name in French that escapes me.  Though, I’m sure in French it sounds better than “large round hot plate.”   I grabbed this rare shot of the villagers “blessing” the Large Round Hot Plate.  All arms in, a chant in Gascon before they put the confit into the large round hot plate to be cooked and offered to the village. DSC_0689 .. that was a joke, I’m think they were testing the temperature.  … but it was a funny photo! After the chant, the duck legs go in and they cover with foil. DSC_0693 The music plays and the confit cooks. This guy had some sort of synth accordion magic going on.  He could play Kenny G as well as classic accordion hits.  Also 80’s memories for most of the audience, except me.  If only he knew Billy Jean. DSC_0705 A pick-up basketball game erupted with the hungry boys waiting for dinner. DSC_0697 Gratuitous Z photo demonstrating how cute she is and therefore I must be also this cute.  Them there eyes. DSC_0700 You know that feeling of an ice cold beer on a hot summer day?  Now add Peach syrup to that.  Think French Heifer Veizen.  AAAAaaaah. DSC_0712 A bit of texting next to the confit.  We’re not all that isolated in Kentucky France. DSC_0707 Good chats before dinner.  You can see by the still capture of mouth position, this group does not speak English.  There is a lot of passion in those lip positions.  Lots of vowels. Consonants tossed out like yesterday’s croissants.  If you want to express yourself in France, use your vowels. or shrug. DSC_0706 Confit about ready.  Frites are on. DSC_0713 Carlos, is ready to serve. DSC_0718 Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal.  We are still working out the timing of the frites, but when the frites arrived, they were great! DSC_0724   DSC_0727 Salad, cheese followed.  Then apple tart with ice craem.  coffeeDSC_0688 and some local Armagnac. DSC_0731 Then some dancing! DSC_0752 Even the dogs tucked in to the groove. DSC_0743  

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