The Distributor Of Pain


Delivered beef today to Bordeaux.  Good fun navigating tourists.  Usually it’s the workists, travel to work and back again.  But it’s July, so things are different.

Kevin came along which was great.  He’s very good with iPod Roulette.  A game I play on my own traveling.  Spin the wheel, don’t look away for you may hit a ditch, a tree or oncoming truck, click, click and click, then identify what is now playing.  808 State caught us out.

I pointed out the baguette vending machine.  The all-nighter of bread shops.  This machine supplies  baguette to anyone at any time in any state who can handle a few coins and a button.

One delivery sported the most awesome t-shirt.  An Ultimate Frisbee team in the states and a damn fine idea.  Who doesn’t love the Hoff?  For the ‘H’ year, we had a steer named Hoff.  He munched away, bringing great beef years later.


Hoff aside, we are still working on the square logo.  Our friend offered an example.  A way of saying

  • – we grow grass, good grass, a blend of grass we believe will nurture the animals
  • – cows eat our grass
  • – we eat their meat

… we don’t add anything special.  No cereals.  No anti-juice.  just not sure if you are ready for it.

I like the logo idea it brings you back when food was farmed for reals.  When meat was offered without plastic wrap.  When you knew the name of your farmer.

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