No Screen Sunday A.K.A. I’m BORED


So we play baseball.  … with a tennis ball … and three ball hungry retrievers. This farmer had a hefty day with cows.  But when Otto says, let’s play ball, we can’t resist.  He set the diamond up before breakfast. DSC_0515

Tag him Otto!


You got him! DSC_0518

Whoops, he got you!


Z is next at bat.  … er and her side-kick.DSC_0546This is Z.  She jumps and goes.DSC_0569

The boys love baseball.  They are the best catchers.  Still working on being the best droppers. DSC_0565Okay, she’s ready to bat.  Just a few more jumps.


Brent checks out the pasture as well as the foul ball we need to get back into play.DSC_0556Minty on first base.


Brent after a pop fly catch.  I’m OUT! Thanks, Jiggy, for your support.


Most of us bat right, but two of us bat left.

DSC_0525DSC_0589Kevin runs in to throw the ball and finish home run hitter, Brent.


Lucy distracts by applying fancy Judo techniques.  Yet, Brent slides into home.  Home run! DSC_0597


More Willow Bye-Bye


The courtyard willow is gone.  Old tree fell victim to vermin.  After the branch that fell, we investigated the rest of the tree and news is not good.  Our friend helped take down the other side.  The center piece will come down in fall.

So, more clearing.  Z is the bestest helper.  She is non-stop.  When you want to grab a rest, she will say, “what are you doing?”  Meaning, “let’s go!”  So Kevin and the kids ( mostly Z ), broke down the tree and piled it on the bon fire. ( nice guns, Kevin! )


Z is in charge.  You’d think, after all these years of development by us adults, a four-year-old would be a minion. Think again.


Brent is cutting the last of the hay.  My ISO is whacky, but you get the idea.


Ssshh, Nobody Knows I’m Here

No, not at Comicon. Out on the farm where no four are speaking at me all at the same time. Our retired mum comes in for a cuddle.

Kevin and the kids have been building up the bon fire. With 100f and hot wind, we won’t light it anytime soon.

The herd is ( hopefully ) in Triangle paddock. I can’t see them from here. Sometimes, it’s not a case of where they should be. It’s looking where they shouldn’t be.

Handsome farmer checking on the water.

The boys are very happy this evening. After a hot, hot day, cool air is blowing. Some say a bit of rain tomorrow.

Oh Hi! Kid Flurry.


We are trying to get our head screwed on straight.  Kids are home for vacation.  “I’M BORED,” says Otto, “what is there to DO!?”

The herd, however, is not bored.  They are fat.  It’s very, very hot, but we still have alfalfa.  Yeah!



And helpful US visitor.  This guy has no jet lag.  A nap in the afternoon, is not jet lag.  He arrived and was one of the fambly.  Amazing.


Z is showing our visitor the ropes.  One wise-crack at a time.



Here is a shadow and a cow trail.  Can you tell I’m writing fast?


I want to share what’s going on.  Like these safety mandals.  great tractor wear…



Oops, I seem to have broken my tractor prong. … again.  Let’s fit this new prong.




Munchy munchy.IMG_3937

It’s been awhile since our last #felfie.IMG_3966_2

…. this is how a blog post reads when you have four young children talking at you and a farmer talkie-walkie -y in as I write.


“mommy, you have a funny face on there,” says Z.  yep … yep I do.  Please darling, give me a minute to construct a sentence.

Chimney Swept


I can’t imagine what cold would feel like.  It’s 35C ( 95f ) today.  Amazing how quickly you forget.  We had a cold, wet winter and spring, yet here we are in the heatwave.  Our chimney sweep calls up to see if we need to prepare for winter.  Funny that.  Last thing on my mind.  Brent said, “come on by.”  I suppose we beat the rush.

Here is  Hubble in the field.  Clear skies.


Children Show No Mercy For Jet Lag


Yeah!  Our friend Kevin is here!!

Arrived last night.  Managed to eat and laugh.  Then went off to read the instructions to construct “Hubble” our new telescope ( thanks, Kevin!! ).  I should say “read” instructions.  Sometimes Brent “reads” in bed.  Whereby “reading” means: put your book on the bedside table and shut the light off.

The kids were exhausted from end-of-school activities.  I think we all had a bit of jet lag.  But, the children managed to get up earlier than Kevin, wandered over to the villa and woke him up.  He said he heard their footsteps as they entered.  We call it “child thunder.”

Burgers for lunch today.  We do burgers with buns when we have a beef sale.  A special treat.  Everyone has their own style.  I enjoy watching and photographing what burger people make.  It’s very personal.  Kevin made the burger above.  TWO tomatoes, good one.  Fried egg is lovely. He chose Comte as a melty topper.

I think everyone who visits will be required to build a burger.  I’ll photo and post the results.

Here is Hubble in the making.  The moon is full tonight.


Last night the moon was full and red.  There was a lot of harvest and a lot of heat that messed with the atmosphere.

Can’t wait to see what tonight’s moon and star show is about.


Cockroach Leg


The vacation has started.   The vacation from school for the children.  This is no vacation for me.  Four kids barking orders, complaining about trivial nuances in breakfast regime.  You all shall sleep in.   … and then get up.  …. and fix your breaky like humans do.

We like to give our children a real, life, human experience when they are off.  They wander.  They camp.  They take on boredom like a nine-year-old heckles his younger sister.  “Screw you boredom … you are ugly”  following up with  a picture of how ugly you are.

Right, Cockroach leg.  So, the kids sang and danced and sang and danced and did a play and some more dance and some more singing and am I helping you feel how long this all was and more dance and singing and audience participation, but wait more dancing.

But I captured our youngest child  flipping around before showtime.  Kicking her leg out like no ligaments were involved.  This is “Cockroach Leg.”  My sister Laura will confirm.  I believe it was at a Denny’s restaurant.  Order in.  Waitress nice.  While waiting for our meal, a cockroach climbed up the booth and did a little “hi y’all doodle doo?”  To which, my lizard response was, “squish that mofo.  right leg.  grand battement.”  Dancer joke, not willing to explain it.  Though, my sister thought this hilarious and potentially odd.  Cockroach dead.  Meal served.  My high kick now has a name.

My youngest clearly has this tendency.  Cockroaches of France … beware.