Yesterday Today


Yesterday we triaged the cows.  Sweat.  Hats.  Hot.

Today we gathered buckets to catch the leaks.  We doubled checked the trees.


Yesterday the cows sat in the shade all day.  5:45pm they wandered out for a munch.


Today, we stress test the new coop.  Tornado warnings and large hail balls are speculated.


The wind and rain are crazy at the moment.  Then it settles.  Then it bursts.

Moon Shadows


I said to Brent as we grabbed a moment to sit away from the children and the livestock, ” wow!  that’s a big moon!”

“Oh yeah, it’s a supermoon tonight,”  he says.

Very bright out tonight.  Z came out with us and noticed the shadows.  ” Those are moon shadows.”  “oh! cool!”  she replied with that four-year-old bomb of enthusiasm.


We grabbed some moon shadow shots.  Otto grabbed a shot of the moon.


Minty grabbed a shot of the moon.


Then they went to bed.


Live Love Laugh


Brent loves a mug.  Especially from other countries or with dates on them.  We had a huge mug collection back in the states.  Top two for me:

  1. Exterminator mug.  A beige mug with a brown house.  When hot liquid poured in the mug, the house would disappear and you would see flying insects and ants where the house once was.  Phone number at the ready for you to call.  For me, enhanced that brown coffee flavor. Bought at the Ballard thrift shop in Washington state.
  2. Unprotected Butt Sex Can Kill.  An awareness mug for those partaking in … well … they were taking par.  My favorite moment with that mug was when a co-worker walked in my office sipping coffee out of that mug.  I asked him, “Nice mug.  Have you looked closely at it?”  Then, the biggest snort followed by a classic geek laugh.  Oh those geeks, always good for a snort.  Bought at an “eastside” thrift shop in Washington state.

Today we have two mugs from Germany.  Live Love Laugh.  The mug has a great feel to it and also little toes with faces.  What’s not to love?  … or live  … er or laugh!


Today Is Pretty Much Over


It all happened so fast.  We got a lot of shit done, but when you reflect, you think to yourself, ” wow!  that thing happened  this morning!”  All good here.  All great.  Still haven’t checked the mail, but sometimes no gah-newz is good-gah-newz.  Minty took a pano shot of our hallway.  I thought it was creepy.  I worked with her to turn some knobs and creep it up a bit.  Gotta love living in an old Gascon farmhouse that hasn’t been touched ( other than some windows and doors ).


Hot today, but with the breeze the cows seemed cool with their paddock.  We moved them after Brent returned from the butcher.  We are selling super fancy steaks this week.  We tried our “rumsteak” as we do and were happy with the flavor and  tenderness.


The sun and moon were battling it out in the sky when we moved the cows.  They moved well.  We had to push them through the lane because they were munching the grass in the lane.  This part was planned, we took our time and they arrived in California, the vineyard turned pasture.  Happy as a cow.


Shoe wear today was the Brown Blunnie.  I do love shoes, so I feel like I should share with you what foot attire might step foot on our pastures.  These Blunnies are veteran cow mover shoes.  A bit slippy and no good in the wet, but they rock and roll for any given cow triage.


The herd moved to California, the paddock.  After the big move, they stopped and ate.  Great to see.  California hasn’t been munched for months.

I caught a calf milking while mom was trying to eat.  I do loves me some milk nose.


Lego Candy Dispenser


Yet another trip to the shop to grab some little choco bits for Otto’s obsession with Lego candy dispensers.  He’s built many different models.  He’s very proud.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t work.

He’s thrown failed dispensers across the room. … not sure where he gets that from?  He’s dispensed many bits of candy.

Add a coin … this is an American coin model.


Move the yellow piece.


Voila!  candy.  Candy coated green chocolate joy.


My fav is the one where you can pick what color candy you would like to come out.  Little dial on top.  He sorts the candy accordingly.  I’m loving this lego machine thing.

Since candy was part of the project, Minty and Lucy also created a candy machine.

I Have Danced In A Breakdance Circle

We’ve been singing this song today.  All day.  Ain’t Nobody featuring Chaka Khan.  Montaged in Breakin’ an 80’s movie about Boogaloo Shrimp and rival street dancers blah blah blah, character advances learning tight street-dance moves thus defeating – through dance – rival street dance hooligans while also adding her own classic dance moves.

There is a weak cover that is out now, but it doesn’t work for me.  At all.  Too weak.  If you take on Chaka Khan, you better have something to offer.

I wasn’t no “street dancer,” but after the head spins and the “nickle”  I kicked my leg high and did as many pirouettes as I could, then another kick and into the splits. Boo-galoo-yah!  It was a battle.  A dance battle and I only knew how to dance.  Knee spin?  Eek,  what’s that?  I did my best.  I don’t think I won, but it made for an interesting evening in the small beach town that I grew up in.

Have you danced in a Breakdance circle?  It’s one of those questions that doesn’t surface often, but you might be surprised by the answer.

Farm Random


All crazy here.  Here’s my desk today.  It was clean moments before.  Now littered with Nerf guns, work gloves and stuffed cow.

Here’s a son of mine.  Still holding onto those moments.  He’s growing quickly.  Gaining opinions.  Our I.Q. is plummeting.  We’ll grab cuddles and piggy-back rides whenever we can.


Underneath that brown is a whole lot of green.


Knee deep in alfalfa.  In August.  We are smiling and smirking.


Brent rolls up the fence for the cows.  The cows are totally not interested.  They are fat and cool.  They will get to it when they are ready.DSC_1244

Funny cow yoga.  Not sure the pose name.  I think it’s Shoo Fly.DSC_1257

Into the woods.  We are clearing a parcel of land.  I grabbed a felfie.


After, the boys greeted Brent in the tractor.  All good boys love tractors.


Here is the herd not interested in the new food.  They would rather chill in the wind.DSC_1268

Hot Bowl Of Food: Cowboy Casserole


Resident teen and ex-British Public School Girl was given Brent’s favorite cookbook of the year, “School Dinners.”

She picked Cowboy Casserole.  Dominated by baked beans, this sausage-y, potato, tomato, onion sludge faired well in the Curtis household.


Seeing as the Hot Bowl of Food was edible, the head chef has authorised future trials with teen cook and School Dinners book.



And Just Like That

DSC_1201They swarmed off.

When the willow fell, it was full of bees and honey.  Just hours later the new hive was set in place.  Everything was going well. DSC_1123

The hive was gaining popularity for a few days.  


Then the wasps got curious.  And then the hornets.  We were going to move the hive that day.  Walking back in from the field, we heard the noise.  We saw the cloud.  Then they were gone.


The wasps and hornets can clear honeycomb in minutes.  Lovely honey, dripping and full of yum is now left empty.


I can only assume that the bees got fed up with those pesky wasps and hornets.  They all agreed to find a new home.

Honey Honey


The bees seem to be moving in.  It will take some more time.


The bees are great, it’s those pesky wasps and hornets that make trouble.


Our friend who came by with the hive has been monitoring them.  He thinks they will move in and be fine, but we need a few more days.

Meanwhile, Brent worked some honey out of the honeycomb.  WOW!  Lovely stuff.  so strong.  When you taste it, the honey feels good for your health.