Le Menu


I found an old chalkboard.  Wrote out today’s menu.  Minty asks me everyday and every hour what’s for breakfast/lunch/gouter/dinner?  So I posted it on the found chalkboard.

What’s “gouter,” you ask?  ( pronounced “goo-tay”).  It’s a 4pm snack they do here in France.  Usually it’s a bit of bread with some chocolate of some description or yogurt or apple sauce.  I can never remember how to spell it, so I call it “G-tay.”

Zelie saw the menu, saw that Snicker bar was for gouter and wasn’t impressed.  You see lunch was up next.  She wanted gouter now.  “No,” I say, “lunch first.”  Then, she erased the menu.  Except for gouter.  Checkmate.

8 thoughts on “Le Menu

  1. Glad says:

    You are so far away, but your blog helps me to feel close to you and your family. Thank you for the laughs and lessons.

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