Did I Tell You About The Well?


We spend hundreds of Euros each year  watering the cows.  Fresh town water.  Great water.  So good, the commune distributes it to other communes.  But, it would be nice to use our well.

Deep and full of water. Just needs a bit of “hee” and “ho.”  We had some help set to this up.  One and Brent to do the logistics of pipes and electricity.  And our other resident family to dig a trench and bury the hose.


Everything went well.  A few things to fix, but our farm water was reaching the cows steadily.


Kevin dug a trench and also filled it in.

The red capsule of glory worked perfectly.



Then it stopped.  The water.  So we wait to lower the pump a bit further.  To be continued …


2 thoughts on “Did I Tell You About The Well?

    • Jean Curtis August 8, 2015 / 6:40 pm

      we have high hopes that lowering the pump will make it all go well with the well

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