Farm Random


All crazy here.  Here’s my desk today.  It was clean moments before.  Now littered with Nerf guns, work gloves and stuffed cow.

Here’s a son of mine.  Still holding onto those moments.  He’s growing quickly.  Gaining opinions.  Our I.Q. is plummeting.  We’ll grab cuddles and piggy-back rides whenever we can.


Underneath that brown is a whole lot of green.


Knee deep in alfalfa.  In August.  We are smiling and smirking.


Brent rolls up the fence for the cows.  The cows are totally not interested.  They are fat and cool.  They will get to it when they are ready.DSC_1244

Funny cow yoga.  Not sure the pose name.  I think it’s Shoo Fly.DSC_1257

Into the woods.  We are clearing a parcel of land.  I grabbed a felfie.


After, the boys greeted Brent in the tractor.  All good boys love tractors.


Here is the herd not interested in the new food.  They would rather chill in the wind.DSC_1268

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