I Have Danced In A Breakdance Circle

We’ve been singing this song today.  All day.  Ain’t Nobody featuring Chaka Khan.  Montaged in Breakin’ an 80’s movie about Boogaloo Shrimp and rival street dancers blah blah blah, character advances learning tight street-dance moves thus defeating – through dance – rival street dance hooligans while also adding her own classic dance moves.

There is a weak cover that is out now, but it doesn’t work for me.  At all.  Too weak.  If you take on Chaka Khan, you better have something to offer.

I wasn’t no “street dancer,” but after the head spins and the “nickle”  I kicked my leg high and did as many pirouettes as I could, then another kick and into the splits. Boo-galoo-yah!  It was a battle.  A dance battle and I only knew how to dance.  Knee spin?  Eek,  what’s that?  I did my best.  I don’t think I won, but it made for an interesting evening in the small beach town that I grew up in.

Have you danced in a Breakdance circle?  It’s one of those questions that doesn’t surface often, but you might be surprised by the answer.

5 thoughts on “I Have Danced In A Breakdance Circle

  1. Mark Griffith says:

    My answer is yes! I was a “break dancer” for at least 6 months. I saw Electric Boogaloo, I bought “rap” record (Sugar Hill Gang, White Lines etc) and I could do the back spin and the worm.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      NOOOO! SEEEE?! The worm. never nailed that. White lines? what? You are a grandpa now. How proud will your little grand-bub be?

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