Live Love Laugh


Brent loves a mug.  Especially from other countries or with dates on them.  We had a huge mug collection back in the states.  Top two for me:

  1. Exterminator mug.  A beige mug with a brown house.  When hot liquid poured in the mug, the house would disappear and you would see flying insects and ants where the house once was.  Phone number at the ready for you to call.  For me, enhanced that brown coffee flavor. Bought at the Ballard thrift shop in Washington state.
  2. Unprotected Butt Sex Can Kill.  An awareness mug for those partaking in … well … they were taking par.  My favorite moment with that mug was when a co-worker walked in my office sipping coffee out of that mug.  I asked him, “Nice mug.  Have you looked closely at it?”  Then, the biggest snort followed by a classic geek laugh.  Oh those geeks, always good for a snort.  Bought at an “eastside” thrift shop in Washington state.

Today we have two mugs from Germany.  Live Love Laugh.  The mug has a great feel to it and also little toes with faces.  What’s not to love?  … or live  … er or laugh!


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