Cowboys In France


Our village hosted a Soirée Western last year.  It was a fun event.  So, we did it again this year.  They use our beef.  We enjoy feeding local families.

The weather didn’t cooperate, it missed the memo.  It was raining and thundering and striking lightning bolts everywhere.  By the time the fete was on, things were calm, but wet.  We had an indoor option, so there was nothing to panic about.

The master chefs prepared the burgers outside under a shelter. Burgers came out, salad and frites were ready.  After a few burgers, we got the flow of  burger making for just under two hundred people.  Though some of those under two hundred had three burgers!


Last year, I was meet-and-greet-frite girl.  Easy job as long as the frites weren’t late.


This year, I was burger girl.  I …. me … was the burger adviser.  We had a few discussions on the order of the burger.  It caught me by surprise, but with a few conversations on what layer the onion should play, we got there.

I love the hours spent on discussion about food and wine.  Even in Kentucky France, we are very serious about the order and presentation of food.  I was told off today because my cole slaw, that I warned was American style, was chopped and not shredded.  Thankfully, I got a pass.  You bitch!


This year we had live music.  Zelie can’t help herself but dance to any music.  A few others joined in.  She’s dancing with one of our local fire fighters.



Most people found some cowboy themed costumed.


… and some wore seriously awesome boots!


An American flag was present, which I felt was very cool.  Many people have a photo in front of it.  I wasn’t expecting that.


Somehow, a friend herded five of the six Curtisi for a photo.  Zelie was running around us at the time.  I think she lapped us six times before the shutter released.


… see that red fire alarm?  okay under that, to the left …. there is a gray streak by a dark grey dot.  That is Zelie.  She stuck her tongue out in protest.

5 thoughts on “Cowboys In France

  1. Cecilia Mary Gunther says:

    OK. How does one SHRED cabbage – just rip it into little bits? AND where should the onion be? For me (NZ) it would be on the bun under the hot meat. What about you and your delicious Frenchmen where did they want the onion? Lovely family shot! c

    • Jean Curtis says:

      hah! nice to have some back-up. You would shred cabbage like you would a shredded carrot salad. I’ve done it, but It doesn’t have that crunch. I’ll do both next time to try side-by-side and see what is favorable. The onion, for me, goes under the hot meat. Now, mind you, the onion is carmelized ( fresh onions were tossed out like English Cheddar ) …. thus, the warmed cooked onions go on top of the tomato. Et voila! I’m sure Hugo will have his own opinion. We are in Gascony. Every region has their own thing.

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