My Paper Calendar


I’ve been using electronic smart palm devices since the Cassiopeia days.  A small Windows machine that helped me remember dates, meetings and all things with a time attached that required my attention.  I chucked my newly purchased, speed yellow leather  “diary” in the trash  and off I e-went.  In theory and day-to-day life, it worked.  I made my meetings and remembered dates perfectly.   All the electrical meeting requests and birthdays and playdates and off-sites were dinged in my direction with ten minutes warning.  The ones that I had to add by hand on the device, were too painful.  So I would try to remember them.  Or write it on a Post-it note and stick  it to my device to be typed in later when I was at my desk.  But, I was missing something.  Progress.  The Post-it note would fall off and with it, my idea of moving something forward.

It’s a read-only device these things.  My many attempts to add a thing was painful.  So many questions.  What is the name of the event?  Is it recurring?  What is the start time?  What is the end time?  Where? That’s not a correct date.  Did you mean pm?  Would you like to invite friends?  Who, then, bitch, who?  Would you like fries with that? Dismiss? Snooze? Remind me later? Ah!

My palm pilot days began way back before kids.  what?  thirteen years?  fourteen?  Fifteen, let’s say.  Fifteen years later,  I went back to my paper ways.  My book cost me 1 Euro 92 centimes.  My progress? Priceless.  I look at a date, I write what needs to happen and then I am done.  For so many years through school and my dance career, that’s how I rolled.  I got a lot of stuff done. So simple. Start time is important. Then, when things get close, we can talk about duration.

Right, blog time over. Back to customers … one is coming soon for steaks!


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