September Morn


Minty and I left this morning for a quick Sunday shop.  Z and the boys were on the hay bales. This is the first time I’ve seen Lumi on the bales.  This is usually Jiggy’s thing.  Beautiful day today.  Happy cows.  Happy chooks.  Everyone was fed and set early.  Brent managed to catch up with a World Cup game starring Japan and some other dudes.

Other than the chorus, I’ve never listened the lyrics to “September Morn” by Neil Diamond.  This morning, I didn’t feel like ” two lovers playing scenes from some romantic play, ”  but I must admit, there was a healthy balance of sun and lovely.  “Sun and lovely” is all I got.  I’ll leave Neil to write the grammy winning feeling.  In September Morn, he also sings “So far from where we used to be.  But not so far that we’ve forgotten how it was before.”  Yeah, I can feel that.  There was a huge distance from Choreographer to High Tech.  There was another leap from High Tech to Fuck It.  And yet another distance from Fuck It to Farmer.  I’ve not come this far and forgotten how it was before.  How it was before has driven me to get here.  We take the best of before and apply it now.

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