He Once Was Lost

But now, Happies is found.  Happies ( pronounced Happeez ) is Zelie’s favorite teddy bear.  His name was inspired by Lucy’s favorite bear, Happy Bear.  There were a few months there where every stuffed bear was called “Happies.”  Now, this bear reigns supreme.

Poor Happies went missing weeks ago.  Every night, when we tuck her in bed, she asks where Happies is.  “We’ll find him tomorrow,” we’d lie.


Brent and resident farm hand, we’ll call him “Josh,”  set up some bonfires.  As you know, every project requires the use of heavy machinery.  Brent played shuffleboard with the brush to be burned.  “Happies!”  Brent yelled.  “Omagaw!” I thought.  “WFT?” Josh squinted.  Then I climbed up the woody bits to fetch him.

Back to the house he went to the arms of his favorite person.  I told Z Daddy found him.

Thankfully, we didn’t burn him in the bonfire!


3 thoughts on “He Once Was Lost

  1. sailorssmallfarm says:

    That was a really lucky find, and I’m so glad it’s a “happies” ending. We never found Mrs Mouse, who strongly resembled a woolly dustball, and was lost in a very large supermarket…when my eldest was five. Not a happy ending, but she did eventually become reconciled to the loss. Gone but not forgotten.

  2. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    Beyond wonderful. When I was a mother’s helper with 5 kids right after even college (don’t t even ask) the 3 yr. old had a black & white bunny skin-it had become a smal strip/scrap & he lost it !! We were on the airport side of Los Angeles (only place with affordable 4 bedroom) The search was on to find & buy such a critter..we did !!! and managed to cut & stress the outer sides so it PASSED ,! No one said anything amongst adults but joyous relief. Your story..real life recovery is far more miraculous & touching

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