Oh Yeah!


I loves me some sports cars.  A friend of ours popped over to visit in his Lotus.  He popped over, but once he saw our driveway, Brent escorted him to our friend’s place to park.  This British Green is very low to the ground.  Great for handling the country roads of France, but not so good with rocks, holes and gravel.


Lovely car indeed.  I’m more of a Porsche man myself, but I appreciate all cars with swift acceleration and leather interior.

Other than how awesome this car looks, I can’t dive into the details of how it works.  Evidently, this is one of the few cars that has a carburetor.  “Wow!” I say, not really understanding the level of wow.  I took a picture.  I also learned that America and the Commonwealth spell “carburetor” differently.  I’m not sure how our friend spells it, but the options are: carburator, carburettor, or carburetter.  So there you have it.


He invited me to drive it.  I sat down, started the engine, but it wouldn’t start.  I’m guessing my geeky readers would know why…

After consultation, the car started, I put my hand on the gear-stick and chickened out.  I know … I know…  but you see, the car was inverted.  I’ve never driven manual on the wrong ( right ) side of the car.  I’m happy to try on some run-around Vauxhall, but the Lotus?  If I drive on the wrong side of the car, I like to have a full inversion and also be on the wrong side of the road.

Anywho, he took me for a spin.  I ghost breaked around the corners and leaned in when we passed a car.  It was great fun!  Nice to feel that low center of gravity again.


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