This weather is amazing.  Just giddy.  T-shirt?  Open doors?  Optional fire?  Whah?


The cows crossed the road today.  Finishing up the alfalfa.  Unbelievable.

Yesterday was sunny, but turned cloudy at dusk.  The herd started out like this.


This morning they were like this.  Munched down.


Then, they moved to Vila ( the paddock named after a character in Blake’s Seven ).


Here’s what they look like crossing the road.





but enough about me …


It’s about Z.  She’s five.


For me, this youngest-child-turns-five marks the transition from young fam to older fam.


We still can’t get down the driveway without someone screaming, but our kids are almost helpful.


I’m sad that there are no more to join our crew, but our crew are never dull.


She’s so independant.


She could probably start a side business on the farm.


It’s not about me anymore.  It’s brats like me.


The Dancing Farm

“Please add a video so us city folks can all enjoy the sounds of your farm
Seagulls and barking dogs are boring in comparison to melodic cows, pigs,roosters and hens.”

– Kipper

What a great idea!!  The kids and I grabbed some video of the farm yesterday and today.  We had too much fun. The same day I heard Missy Elliot’s new song. The kids bounced around outside while I bounced around inside with the windows open and the music blaring giving the Library the cleaning it deserved. If you ever hear this song ( WTF ), you won’t be able to not bounce. I know that the sounds of the farm are interesting, but I used to be a choreographer, you see. Every clip I reviewed was dancing at me. So had had to make a dance. I can’t stop myself. It’s all I thought about when I wasn’t thinking about the naughty cows today, the herd meeting the pigs, the feeding of the kids and the oldest daughter going to the big city just after a horrific terrorist attack.

Kipper, thank you for the idea. I hope you and everyone enjoy.

This is how we do it where we’re from.

Our Children Are Made Of People!

Look, I’m sure you saw this coming, but these kids,you see, are growing older.

They do things now. Like, adult things … selfies, duck-face, clean the kitchen …

I am no person to provide advice to parents. Though, happy to give advice for those up to four-years-old ( been there four times ). My mother has amazing advice for most ages. Though, she didn’t get the update for cell-phones and selfies … or or selfish technotronics.

But my kids are people now. Ack! How did this happen? They were cute things being all cute and shit. Now they are responsible beings looking out for ways to grab this world by the horns.

Sweet Farm Symphony


It’s very quiet on the farm.  Usually.  The cows are in the pasture and the chooks are in the back of the farm.  Though, in the morning you can hear the cockerel crow.  He doesn’t know about daylight saving time.  He has a high pitch.


The cows are mostly quiet.  Except when they munch.  They moo when they move.  If you put your phone on vibrate and lay it on a plastic table, when it rings, that is the sound of a cow in the distance.

So many noises, yet so quiet and peaceful.


It wasn’t until the pigs arrived that I realized that we were missing that bass.  These pigs have a low snort sound.  They run to see you snorting this low sound.  They squeal high when challenged or picked up, but generally, their sound is low.


With the alto cows, the soprano cockerel, the piggy bass and the child percussion, there is music to be made.

Sheep you say?  Highly unlikely.  We’ll bring in the retrievers dressed as lamb.

Pork Butt Is Not A Butt


There are some new arrivals on the farm.  Sassy, oinky, funny little things.


It’s our new bonfire.   Everyone loves to watch the pigs.


So far, they are well behaved and doing a great job turning over the soil.

They started like this …


… and now it’s like this.  We want them to dig up this patch for a veggie garden.  After, they will work the forest.


A pork butt is actually a pork shoulder.  We made sausages last night … yum!

The herd is in Emerson.  Very fat and loving this weather!