Guest Chefs


We have strangers over to help with the farm.   Very cool.  We found each other through a program the matches people who want to work in exchange for interest in your farm, food and a bed.  I’m very selective of those who want to work with us.  I have a very high bar.  Every moment of every day is about this family, this farm, these animals and this business.  So, when these guys contacted to help out, they said, ” I want to work on your farm!”  A few email messages later, I felt they would be a good fit for the farm.  And tonight, we celebrated our countries.


Two Australians and one American.  Tonight, I handed off my kitchen to our guests to make a meal from their country.


Though we are from America, America is a very big country.  Our American friend is from the south.  So she rustled up some southern vittles.  Fried Chicken, Brussels Sprouts, Potato Skins.  She was limited to frying in duck fat, which gave her southern cuisine that Gascon touch.


Our Aussie guests made Pavlova. …. my most favorite dessert ever.


The girls popped off to the market and found some fresh berries … yep … fresh berries in November.  Pavlova is a treat in late Spring / Summer Australia.  To make it in November in Gascony was challenging.


American guest showed me how to make buttermilk.  Living in a land without buttermilk, this was a nice thing to learn.


I’ve only ever made Pavlova as an American-to-Australia newbie.  Watching it being made, I learned that I need to put in a bit more effort in presentation and general smoothing of the cream.


This gal didn’t realise just how much fried chicken she was to make to feed this crowd.  You can see it with the tong position and side-eye.


Her potato skins were a huge hit.


and the fried chicken.  Otto ate and ate, then went to bed.  Five minutes later, ” mom can I have another drumstick?”  Yes, Otto.  Then brush your teeth.




Zelie loved all of it except the mango.


Without Flake or Tim-Tam, we chucked in a Cadbury Finger to complete our meal.

… and tomorrow, I should capture the work they’ve done.  I love it when work gets done to push the farm forward.


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