The Dancing Farm

“Please add a video so us city folks can all enjoy the sounds of your farm
Seagulls and barking dogs are boring in comparison to melodic cows, pigs,roosters and hens.”

– Kipper

What a great idea!!  The kids and I grabbed some video of the farm yesterday and today.  We had too much fun. The same day I heard Missy Elliot’s new song. The kids bounced around outside while I bounced around inside with the windows open and the music blaring giving the Library the cleaning it deserved. If you ever hear this song ( WTF ), you won’t be able to not bounce. I know that the sounds of the farm are interesting, but I used to be a choreographer, you see. Every clip I reviewed was dancing at me. So had had to make a dance. I can’t stop myself. It’s all I thought about when I wasn’t thinking about the naughty cows today, the herd meeting the pigs, the feeding of the kids and the oldest daughter going to the big city just after a horrific terrorist attack.

Kipper, thank you for the idea. I hope you and everyone enjoy.

This is how we do it where we’re from.

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9 thoughts on “The Dancing Farm

  1. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    Awesome ! The girls are of course their mother’s daughters & Otto’s electric slide (to the mattresses) wasn’t too shabby ! Great sauntering from both pigs & particularly the cattle…. THANKS

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  2. Amanda says:

    Oh dear God!!! That is the best. My beasts seem to have an Ike and Tina Turner, “Proud Mary” flow. Every now and then they like to do it easy,
    but they always do the finish rough.

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