This weather is amazing.  Just giddy.  T-shirt?  Open doors?  Optional fire?  Whah?


The cows crossed the road today.  Finishing up the alfalfa.  Unbelievable.

Yesterday was sunny, but turned cloudy at dusk.  The herd started out like this.


This morning they were like this.  Munched down.


Then, they moved to Vila ( the paddock named after a character in Blake’s Seven ).


Here’s what they look like crossing the road.





5 thoughts on “Giddy

    • Jean Curtis says:

      they are well behaved most of the time. crazy weather this year. At this point, I’m usually wearing my cashmere second skin. Today, a hoody. But I put that on because I sat down. Otherwise, t-shirt. insane.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Yeah, the move is quiet. When the calves come, there will be a bit more noise while the mums figure out where their kid is after the paddock move.

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