Post Christmastalyptic Evening


Everything has slowed down.  We are so used to beef sales every week, but these past few days have been family farm focused.  The cows are loving this grass no-hay deal through December.  The chickens are laying like Spring.

But things are calm.  We go nowhere.  We enjoy the silence.  … sauf the screaming Minty because she pissed off her siblings. …. typical.

The kiddies and I have caught up with a few old movies.  Tonight, we ( I ) hope to set up my next cliffhanger.  Please tell me there is an end to The Hunger Games.  I don’t have the time for this sort of hope.




Shortest day of the year, I grabbed some magic hour shots.  My subjects were wearing orange which brought out that magic in magic hour.



Non-orange people also joined in because they are hams.  A photography victim.

Our dog stuck his head in a hole.  That’s when I worked it all out.  “Downward Dog” is not only a yoga pose, but an actual dog pose.


More organginess and a violet eyed Mint Mint.


This pose was so popular, Lumi joined in.  Lucy demonstrates the human version of downward dog.


Minty stole my camera and shot me.


We are munching the cows through stockpiled grass.  They were resistant at first.  Today, they worked it out and are fat fat fat.  You go girls!




New Neon Barbie Pink Gate Handle


Glimmer.  Shimmer.  Shine.  Neon gate handles in the Gers.  All the rage.  This may be the first instalment in our region.  Take in the neon-ness under the sunset glow just before the herd move today.  It sparkles from a distance.  Even the man noticed its peppiness.


He hauled salt out to the herd just after.  Do you see those black birds in the sky?  They’ve been doing that for a few weeks now. They swarm and fly. The shape changes continuously. Sometimes making a heart shape. aaaah.


The herd is patient.  Good cows.  They worked the last patch nicely.  And now, they are ready for their next project.


Thankfully, the grass is still pretty awesome.  Munch and munch.

Snow Globe Torcher


My eldest daughter LOVES snow globes. She loves them. Don’t know why. Don’t care. So when Lidl offered this musical jingle-belling snow globe for a seriously awesome price, I signed up. I bought it. I wrapped it. I was so awesome for offering this to her. At the time of occasion, she opened it and was elated. That was, until the unboxing. That’s when the snow didn’t fall. It didn’t fall because it was not there. No snow. There was no snow in the snow globe. Rien! What kind of f-ed up company makes a snow globe without snow?! Why? Why would you do this? Your lame-arse music box edition of Jingle Bells just made things worse. Jingle Bells no longer jingle for me, my friend.


Let’s Do This


Look who got her shit together!  My earliest photo review of the decade.  It’s cuz the kids are in transition to people.  They look after themselves.  They can shower, shit and dress themselves while I drink a coffee and hope this day ahead of me doesn’t involved anything random.

Though I still write blog posts with two or more chatting to me.  Or screaming.  Can you tell?

Great year of grass in 2015.  Still no fall hay feeding.  What?


In this year, the herd broke through the temp fence and nibbled each hay bale we set out for them.  We shooed them back down.


Z attended her last sibling fencing match.  A lot of coloring pages and new markers.  She stays home now.


This calf was a few days old and had a lot to say about the great sun of winter.


Otto discovered fire and cooking.


Jiggy loves you.  He loves you. YOU.  You there.  I will do and do  for you.


Lumi is still resolving his puppy-hood.  Puppy brain, doggy body.


Still working out the felfie.  Need more curmudgeon.


The sky has shared a lot of blue this year.  The grass keeps growing.


Though, we got some snow.  Enough to make a tall snowman.


Z mastered hay bales.


Brent went in his tractor.  Setting tunes of the 70’s.


Calves came Out okay.  Though we had a few issues.


Otto moved logs.




Cute eggs of many colors.

and a moment of pink.


Summer hit early.





Chooks this year.  Very, very happy with the chooks.


burned off some stuff.


a few piggies.


a happy farmer.


a happy herd.


a happy holiday to all of you.

So, I’m sitting in a sketchy pizza joint with a friend, a lady and some puppets



DSC02255.JPGFor some reason, my husbo and I are posting songs that make us uncomfortable.   Make us uneasy. Make us lash out. Music, it matters. Clearly. Oh the tunes. Painful to reflect.   Tonight, he is off delivering beef to athletes. Grass-fed beef. If you’re going to eat beef, do it right. Grass-fed and grass finished. Never a grain.


While he was away, I posted an Ani Difranco song. Fair enough. He posted Yes, I respond.


Playing this song reminded me of a moment in my college years. Grabbing what few bucks we had, my roomate and I went out on the town. The cheap town. The one up the road. Where the sidewalk ends. And ladies of the night begin. A pizza joint on Aurora ave in Seattle. Such great pizza! Such amazing weirdos!!


She started an argument. She started it, I saw her. Lamb puppet was having none of it. She fired filth. We all heard it. Lamb fired back, in an expected lamb voice.   The two went on and on. They sat next to the fire. We called for the check. She still argued. We gathered data on people who talk to puppets in a remote pizza joint by a roaring fire. In a town where roaring fires was an attraction. This was for me. With no advertisements. Thank you Puppet lady. I’ll find your tip jar. I will. To my roomate, I can still do puppet lady and she will laugh. A hearty laugh. The one where you are so happy and also have no idea what the hell is going to happen in the next minute or next few months laugh. That laugh. A good place to be. Scary and also …

Head In A Fog


All photos taken at 5pm.  Waiting for the sun to burn off this fog, we had no such luck.


Just fog. The cows are over there.  Can you see them?


Otto left his light on.  That’s nice.


Lumi helps with the last Thanksgiving supper.  All the leftovers have been fed to the pigs.


They were totally for it.  They eat like pigs.


We are working our last beef sale of the year.  I tried a lesser steak for lunch today.  WOW!  That was nice.  I think we are on to something.

Sleepy Pigs, Sleepy Cows


A bit of computer work today.  Not a lot of animal movement.  The sun was strong, so I don’t think anyone was worried.

Brent was busy and off the farm.  I tethered myself to the computer with the door open.   The piggies took a nap.


The cows are very interested in the pigs.  They like their smell.  Though, they both chilled during the afternoon in their own way.


I’ll keep posting this blue sky as long as I can.  I’ve never been so warm in December.