France Likes To Fuck With You


Over the years, in many friendly supermarkets, I’ve heard “fuck you ” songs blaring as I grab some milk and finish my shopping. C-Lo, Lily Allen … In our area, not many French people speak English.  Though I’m pretty certain they know the f-word.  I’m not sure how these songs are played in America, but I imagine, they are *bleeped*.  Fuck is a pretty strong word in America.  Not something you drop in a typical conversation.  The word “shit” is similar for Americans.  The French “shit” equivalent, “merde” isn’t as taboo.  It’s our “crap.”  I can only assume they feel the same way about “fuck” … this is totally based on the frequency in which I hear the word “fuck” in light conversation and on the radio.

So, when I tuned into RADIO FG, playing the sweet sounds of Billy Ocean, working out the logistics of getting out of my dreams and into my car …  they brought me back in, speaking English with a French accent, “Radio FG, FUCKING GOOD music.”  Thanks France!  Thank you for fucking with me!

6 thoughts on “France Likes To Fuck With You

  1. Cecilia Mary Gunther says:

    made me laugh. I noticed when my french visitors were here they were most excited by the million ways they could give each other the finger. They would scream with laughter as they did it. Like – a hundred times a day!!! In New Zealand ‘language’ is not beeped out, it is only aired after 9pm or something – when all respectable children were in bed.

  2. Jacqui says:

    Sigh. FG place, that F France. To be in the F cold in F France would be F perfect. F 39 C (Celsius not the other c word, but contemplating it) here yesterday. Yucky.

  3. bizzyella says:

    I remember riding around with my grandkids, listening to them suddenly burst out laughing. One of them said, “They actually play the words over here.” Your radio station takes that to a whole new level. Now how can we get them to broadcast in Vendee?

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