Full Circle: Chaucer Rihanna Edition

Rihanna has blessed us with another hit.  I like the beat.  I like the feel.  I have no idea what she is saying.  Doesn’t matter, the rhythm feels good.  And I thought, this is very much like Chaucer.  Not sure what he was on about, but the rhythm is great.  I grabbed some prose from each, read them side-by-side and tried to imagine each singing or reading each other’s words.  I think it could work.


Dry! …Me a desert him
Nuh time to have you lurking
Him ah go act like he nuh like it
You know I dealt with you the nicest
Nuh body touch me you nuh righteous
Nuh badda, text me in a crisis


As wisly he gye alle my joyes here
As I am youres, and to yow sad and trewe,
And ye, my lyf and cause of my gode chere,
And deeth also, whan ye my peynes newe,
My worldes joye, whom I wol serve and sewe,

The only Chaucer that ever hit home for me was from Bill Bailey:


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